Digitized Digidestined Extras Picture

And here we have the last four Digidestined to get their own Digiforms.

Level: Hybrid
Attribute: Free
Type: Beast Man
Attacks: She Vee Headbutt, Sapphire Diamonds, Lunar Fire, Fox Force
Pre-Evolution: Jun

She Vee Headbutt: She hits her enemy with a powerful head strike. (Seems like all the Motomiyas have hard heads)
Sapphire Diamonds: Creates a large cluster of diamons and sends them at her enemies.
Lunar Fire: Surrounds herself in a fiery aura and attacks her enemies.
Fox Force: Summons a massive Fox spirit from within and unleashes it upon her opponents.

I don't care what anyone says, I like this crazy girl. She always left m laughing until I was in stitches from her crazyness. She does have an interesting story as to how she gains these powers, but I won't ruin the surprise. Also, there’s been a change in her partners, but I’ll keep that a surprise as well.


Level: Hybrid
Attribute: Free
Type: Plant Man
Attacks: Leaf Saber, Leaf Stealth, Forest Storm, Nature Ritual
Pre-Evolution: Sam Ichijoji

Leaf Sword: Slices enemy with his sword
Leaf Stealth: Uses the powers of nature to disguise itself, and then attack from the shadows.
Forest Storm: Summons a storm of leaves from Cloak.
Nature Ritual: Sticks sword into the ground and prays, summoning a large beast made of green energy.

Level: Hybrid
Attribute: Free
Type: Plant Man
Attacks: Dark Spore Storm, Rotting Touch, Dying Spirits, Soul Spore
Pre-Evoltion: Sam Ichijoji

Dark Spore Storm: Fires a onslaught of Dark Spore orbs, corrupting or destroying its enemies in the process.
Rotting Touch: His fingers glow black, and anything he touches ages to the point it turns to dust.
Dying Spirits: Summons a set of undead spirits to attack his enemies.
Soul Spore: Creats an orb of dark energy in his hand and launches it as his foe.

If I was willing to make Jun into a Digimon, then there was no doubt I’d make Sam into one. I always disliked the fact that they had to kill him off, and thought of a new way to bring him back. This is different from the previous idea, as I am working on a different take on my story now. Forestmon is his good form while Sporemon is his evil form.


Level: Hybrid
Attribute: Free
Type: Beast Man
Attacks: Stretch Arm, Rabbit Cannons, Stretching Twister, Golden Burst
Pre-Evolution: Willis

Stretch Arm: Launches stretching arm at enemy.
Rabbit Cannons: Fire missiles from cannon on his back.
Stretching Twister: Spins around, forming a fast and far reaching tornado that slashes his enemies.
Golden Burst: He is covered in a golden aura before releasing a powerful golden blast.

I always like this character, and found his role in the Digimon movie…okay. Sure it wasn’t great, but it was still good and I think he could have made a great ally, especially considering he’s the only Digidestine EVER to have more than one partner.


Level: Hybrid
Attribute: Data
Type: Fairy
Attacks: Natural Beauty, Camo Wings, Solar Burst, Will of the Forest
Pre-Evolution: Catherine

Natural Beauty: Her body is covered in a purple aura which causes her foes to become entranced in her beauty, unable to fight back.
Camo Wings: Her wings shine and she disappears from sight, only to reappear above the opponent and strike down.
Solar Burst: Absorbs energy from the sun into her wings and uses it to fire a beam of light at her enemies.
Will of the Forest: Dances around, summoning countless trees from the earth.

And here is the last of the Digidestined to get a Digimon form, Catherine. I always liked Catherine, and with the introduction of Seirenmon (or SIrenmon as I’m planning on calling her) and Ceresmon, I felt it was only appropriate that I add her. Like Mimi, she’s a nature girl, and her form I based off the mythological nymphs. She is very kind and gentle, but has a deep attraction to a certain dinosaur-like angel, much to the chagrin of a certain blue-winged vocalist.

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