SeaTitan Embrace Woman+Stories Picture

This picture has very little incommen with these stories about to fallow out side the same princeible imagedry!!! The pictre of a girl who was sapposed to be a blood sacrofice to the Sea Titan known as the Cracken, yes like the one in Clash of the Titans and Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man's Chest and at Worlds End!!! But insted of eating her he embraces her and takes her as his make creating the first race of inteligent sea people known to us as mermaids and men!!!! NOW THE STORIES: DEE-DAI THE DRAGON-MAN
In the year 999 B.C. there was a man named Dray. He was a farmer in a small village in Japan. He had 10 kids, 5 girls and 5 boys. All of his kids were in a play for the emperor. So he had to go to see it. On the way he ran into a lovely woman named Nona, but named Dray. He was a farmer in a small village in Japan. He had 10 kids, 5 girls and 5 boys. All of his kids were in a play for the emperor. So he had to go to see it. On the way he ran into a lovely woman named Nona, but she was really a magical dragon that could change size and shape. Dray and Nona they (WELL YOU KNOW WHAT!) Afterwards Nona erased all memory of it from his mind. Dray thought he got drunk at a bar and passed out in a mud puddle. Nona was pregnant with Dray’s baby.
Years past and Dee-Dai grew into a man. He looked like a normal man but he was faster and stronger than a normal man, a hundred times. After his mother’s death he was on his way to see the world. Because of his mother’s blood in him Dee-Dai lived much longer than normal men. Dee-Dai stayed in Japan for 35 years then he decided to travel for 235 years before he went back to Japan. He decided to stay there till something of interest happens.
It was 764 years later Dee-Dai heard of a miracle in the land of Bethlehem. That a king of kings was about to be born. So Dee-Dai was on his way, in two days and nights he could see the star of Bethlehem. Along the way Dee-Dai meet 3 men, but he was in a hurry and didn’t stop to talk. Unknown to him they were the 3 wise men in the bible. A short time later he arrived in Bethlehem. There he saw that the star was real bright over one manger. Inside he found a woman gazing down at her infant son surrounded by her husband, the three men from the desert and various farm animals. Dee-Dai was so touched by this he decided that it was time to travel the world again to see what changes were going on in the word.
We next see Dee-Dai in the year 1492 when he is a member of the crew of a ship called the Nona which was part of a group of three headed to sea in search of spices. He liked the ships name because it reminded him of his mother. After many months at sea they finally hit land where they met the natives that they called Indians. They believed themselves to be in India. They stayed for a while and got to know the natives and some of their customs. Some months later they headed back to Spain with a few new items including corn and a lot of stories to tell.
When he arrived in Spain he stayed only a short time before he decided to head back to Japan. Back in Japan he went back to the old home place. While there he found his mother’s diary wrote on several stone tablets. He learned all about his father and mother and what to expect in the future. She explained why he lived so long and that he has much work to do in the future. He also learned that he would be getting more strength and power in the year 2000.
After some time he went exploring the world again. We find him in the colonies where a war was underway for freedom. Dee-Dai joined up with a revolutionary named George Washington. The war was hard fought and many lives were lost but the colonist prevailed to win they’re freedom and become the United States of America. After the war was over it was time to go see some more of the world.
While Dee-Dai was in Chili, He found out that he could sleep for days or even years. So he fell into a long and deep sleep. When he woke Dee-Dai was in a grave. The people thought that he was dead because he was asleep for so long. He dug himself out. When he got to the top busting free of the ground. Dee-Dai could see that many year had pasted the year was the year 1988.
Dee-Dai left to go back to the US. Once there he found a small pawnshop. Dee-Dai pawned some of his old coins he got while he was in the US the last time. Using the money he got himself an apartment. He was waiting for the year 2000 to come.
One night Dee-Dai had a dream that something bad was going to happen. The dream showed that an army was being made.
An army of creatures called drones. They look like human heads with an arm for a body. Also they fly without wings. There is a doctor named Dr. Gain Green, he is the one making this army.
Dee-Dai awoke immediately .the room was fine but he new that the army was real. It was going to attack on the New Years Eve. Dee-Dai new he would have to stop them.
Dee-Dai began to train because he was a little flabby from being asleep for all those years. He trained for 11 years. The year now was 1999 also the month was December the New Year was only a week away.
The new powers that Dee-Dai was to get in the year 2000 should help stop the army of drones. Dee-Dai first had to find tallest building than stand on the top at the time the New Year. The tallest building was the clock tower in the small town he was staying in. The week went fast. Christmas came and went the day was here. It was New Year Eve and it was 11:35, the time was near. Dee-Dai climbed the clock tower than stood on the top of it. He heard the people starting to count back word. “9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
Then out of nowhere a bolt of lighting struck Dee-Dai in the back. When Dee-Dai awoke he felt deferent. When he stood up he was at lest 1 or 2 feet taller and he fells some weight on his back. He turns his head to see he now had wings and a tale.
Than he remembered the army will attack in 5 minutes. He spread his new wings than took off. He flew as fast as he could he flew New York City to an old warehouse were in his dream said the army was. Dee-Dai ran as fast as he could at the door. The door crashed in.
Inside there were hundred of drones they all were asleep but there was a large clock it said 12:45. It was set to wake the drones at 1:00.
Dee-Dai held his hand in the air than it began to glow brightly. He released an enormous blue energy blast and a whole row of the sleeping drones exploded. Dee-Dai went to do it again when something hit him in the back of the head. Dee-Dai turn to see Dr. Gain Green holding a baseball bat. The doctor went to hit him again Dee-Dai caught the bat than crushed it the man had a gun behind his back he went grab it. Than Dee-Dai grabbed it than crushed it too. The doctor ran to the clock and hit a button the clock went off and the drones woke up.
They all were only 5 ft tall each. They stood on their arm bodies. Dee-Dai’s hand glowed with energy and he released then half of the army was nothing but ashes. The doctor grabbed a controller. The drones that were left flew over to Dee-Dai and gabbed him by his arms, legs, and the great tail. Dee-Dai swung the tail and the drones that were on it flow off and hit the wall and exploded.
Dee-Dai than stared to scream and swell. The swelling spread to crush the building. Dee-Dai was at least 2 times bigger than the warehouse. Then a small tear formed in Dee-Dai’s stomach and out came a small light the light gave off a lot of heat. It got bigger. Then 2 more tears formed.
Dr. Gain Green tried to run. Then Dee-Dai exploded the whole area was incinerated. There was no building left. All the drones were dead and so was our hero. Dr. Gain Green’s army was gone. The Doctor was also killed in the explosion. The world was safe and no one knew it. The cops thought it was just a terrorist bomb. But it’s hard to kill a dragon. No one knows if Dee-Dai could still be alive!
THE END! Or is it…?
After battling Dr. Gain Green’s army Dee-Dai was thought to be dead. But only Dee-Dai’s body was destroyed. He woke shortly after the battle in the middle of the blast zone. He felt numb. Dee-Dai looked at his hand but nothing was there. He saw a police officer coming straight at him. Dee-Dai went move but it was to late. The man past right thru him. Dee-Dai turn to see the man was heading for his car it was if the police officer never saw him. Dee-Dai jumped up to fly. He could still fly. He flew to the closest building. Dee-Dai landed on the roof. Then Dee-Dai fell thru the roof. Then a room, and another, and another. Until he hit the 1st floor. But when Dee-Dai looked up he saw the roof was unharmed. He went to go outside. He reached for the door but he didn’t have a hand. So he took a few steps back. Then ran straight at the door, he flies right thru it. He was now in the side alley. (Dee-Dai was confused he had walked thru the door, and fell thru a roof that had no holes in it.) Dee-Dai walked over to a mud puddle in the middle of the ally. Then he looked down in to the puddle. Dee-Dai couldn’t see his own reflection. Dee-Dai couldn’t believe it, he turned to leave.
As he was leaving he stumbled and fell and landed on top of a homeless man. When he landed on the man he was surprised when he could suddenly see though his eyes and hear though his ears. He stood up in this mans body and walked around getting the feeling of it. The man whose body he was using was not hurt, it was like he was sleeping. When he looked down at his right hand he noticed a small red mark in the shape of a dragon.
Dee-Dai leaped up in to the air. He came back down with a thud. He could not fly in this body. He decided to walk. He only was 2½ blocks away from the alley. When 2 men tried to mug him. One had a knife, and the other had a metal bat. The one with the knife said “GIVE us ALL YOUR MONEY! NOW OLD MAN”! Dee-Dai knew that he would have to act fast. First Dee-Dai knocked the metal bat out of the 2nd man’s hands. Dee-Dai quickly grabbed the metal bat and swung hitting the man with the knife in the head. Dee-Dai was hit in the back with a trashcan. He swung back with the bat. Hitting the 2nd man in the ribs. The man hit the ground in pain; the man was having problems breathing.
Dee-Dai ran over to a pay phone to call 911. He really didn’t know much on phones. He needed $0.50. He was in the body of someone how had no money. Dee-Dai walked over to one of the men. He went thru the man’s pockets. He found the $0.50 he needed but that was it. These 2 needed the money. Dee-Dai called the hospital, and the police.
Afterwards Dee-Dai ran into a nearby alley. He climbed up the fire escape on the side of a building. On the top of the building Dee-Dai fell asleep.
The next morning Dee-Dai woke he looked around the alleys. He saw it was not a bad place to stay. And in this body he will fit in well. The only thing Dee-Dai could not understand was the red dragon in the middle of his hand. It was not there before. The man did not look like the type to get a tattoo.
Dee-Dai got up and
Walked over to the edge of the building. Than spread his arms, held his breath, and jumped. He did 3 flips, and landed perfectly on his feet. He still had speed, and muscle. But Dee-Dai’s wings, and tale were no more.
Dee-Dai ran to where he was attacked. The 2 muggers were gone. There was a chalk drawing on the ground where one of the men was laying. It was in the shape of the man. Dee-Dai knew that was only put when someone died there.
Dee-Dai ran back in to the alley. He knew that if the other guy lived. He would tell the cop about the old man. Dee-Dai needed another body. Dee-Dai tried jumping off the building 10 times. But he keeps landing on his feet. He went in to the streets. He was walking past a radio shack. When he saw the man that attacked him on one of many television sets. He was talking with the police in the hospital about being attacked by an old man.
Then they held up a drawing of an old man. It was Dee-Dai. One of the people inside the store started screaming, and pointing at Dee-Dai. Dee-Dai stared to run but the sidewalk was iced over. Dee-Dai slipped. Than slid off the sides walk in to the street. Dee-Dai tried to stand but fell again. He didn’t see the truck that was coming. The diver hit the brakes. But the truck slid. It hit Dee-Dai. It kills the body.
Dee-Dai woke in the street the old man’s body was still there. A yellow tarp was covering it. The police were everywhere. Dee-Dai couldn’t be seen. Dee-Dai jumped up in to the air. He flew around the site. He saw them load the old man’s body in to a white van that had a red cross on the side.
Dee-Dai had to find a new body. Dee-Dai saw a chance with a young teen-age boy caring groceries. Dee-Dai flew up then dived down at the boy.
Out of nowhere came a police officer chasing a man that was wearing a green ski mask. Dee-Dai couldn’t stop. He flew backward into the man with the green ski mask on. The man hit the ground with a thump, and a thud.
When Dee-Dai woke he was in a small jail cell. He felt odd. He stood and walked over to the small mirror hug on the wall. It was covered with spider webs, cracks, and writing. Dee-Dai reached out to rub some of the spider webs, and writing off to see his new face.
Dee-Dai was surprised, and horrified. To see he had went into the body back wards.
Instead of the man’s face in the mirror. “It was the back of the man’s head‘’.
Dee-Dai looked at the man’s hand to see if the red dragon tattoo was there. It wasn’t. It was on the other hand. Dee-Dai saw the man’s arms and legs were bending both ways. Front, and back. Dee-Dai could here foot steeps coming his way.
Than a deep voice call “GOOD MORNING JACK! HOW ARE YOU TO DAY”! Before Dee-Dai could say a word he heard a man yawn, and said “OH! WHAT HAPPENED?” Dee-Dai knew no one else was in the cell with him. But the man he was sharing a body with may still have some control. Dee-Dai wouldn’t act until he gets the chance.
The body he was in belongs to a small time purse-snatcher. His name was Joe Jackson a.k.a. J. Jack. Jack walked out of the cell and they headed to the front. Were a young woman was baling him out.
Dee-Dai was a little angry with himself. He had planed to make a run for it once outside. Then the young woman grabbed his left hand. Dee-Dai knew not to make a scene until he got outside.
He grabbed the young woman around the waist, crouched down, than jumped up on to the police station roof. The young woman screamed all the way up. Dee-Dai then jumped to the next building. Then the next one. Than jumped in to an alley. Dee-Dai put his hand over the woman’s mouth.
Then she notes that Dee-Dai’s arm was bent backward. They saw the police run by. Then Dee-Dai stood up. He took his hand off the young woman’s mouth. He went to say something. But he didn’t have control of the mouth at the time. Than the man started to speak. He said “Dee-Dai IS THE GHOST OF A MAN THAT’S PART DRAGON. HIS REAL BODY WAS BLOWN-UP WHILE TRYING TO STOP AN ARMY OF MUTANTS CALLED DRONES”. Dee-Dai was just as surprised as the young woman to hear him talk and hear him tell all about Dee-Dai and know all that Dee-Dai knew. J. Jack was talking like he did know ever thing. Dee-Dai needed to get out of New York.
Dee-Dai leaped up on the top of a building, and ran of leaving the young woman behind. Who was J. Jack’s girl friend? Dee-Dai learned this because J. Jack’s mind was easy to read. They fled to Japan. Besides the speed, and strength they also had the long life span. They lived as a fisherman for 5 years.
After those 5 years they went to Mexico. There they stayed for 12½ years then they tried going back to America. They got back in to America. They stayed in Utah until J. Jack wanted to see his girl friend.
Her name was Lisa Grandson. But J. Jack called her Lilly. When Dee-Dai, and Jack got to New York. Lilly had moved to Florida to stay with her parents.
Dee-Dai, and Jack were out raged. They came all that way for nothing. They started to go down Florida but Dee-Dai refused to go on a girl friend hunt. J. Jack didn’t want to ever see her again.
Dee-Dai told him they could do that later. He had a plan. He was thinking about all the years he spent traveling. He knew how he could get his old body back. He could get it back if he was to find someone related to him. He could take their body, and it will become just like it once was. It may not have my wing, and tail. But it will be all mine. So they had to go back to Japan.
Ones there they found that there was only 2 descendent left of Dray. His great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great- daughter, and her 8 year old son. Their names were Heather, and Tyler.
J. Jack made a deal with Dee-Dai; if he helped Dee-Dai get his body back that he could go back to Lilly. Dee-Dai agreed.
If J. Jack survived Heather, and Tyler lived in Osaka Japan. Dee-Dai, and J. Jack rented a house just across the street from Heather’s. Heather’s house was 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom suburbs home. Dee-Dai waited for 3 weeks than he seen his moment. Heather was going to drop Tyler off at a birthday party. Dee-Dai wanted to use Tyler. But every chance he got was interrupted. J. Jack was getting impatient. But Dee-Dai saw his moment when Heather came to pick Tyler up from the party.
They were half way to the car when Dee-Dai leaped out at them. The bent backward arm landed by accident on heathers arm. They both glowed a bright yellow color. Dee-Dai felt his soul leaving J. Jack’s body, and going in to Heather’s body.
When it was over Dee-Dai opened his eyes he looked at the ground to see J. Jack and Tyler were knocked out. Dee-Dai looked at his arm it was just like his old one. He got his whole body back. He turned his head to see he did get his wings, and tail back to. He took the young boy, and put him on the doorstep of the house that the birthday party was at. Then grabbed J. Jack crouched down than jumped up. Spreading his wings he flew as fast as he could he headed to Florida.
He didn’t know where Lilly lived at the time. So he laid J. Jack on a park bench. Then flew off to Japan again far from the place Heather lived. Dee-Dai never heard from J. Jack, and Lilly again.
After 2 years the heat died down. Dee-Dai was living in a beach house by himself. He never left the house. When he did go out he had to wear a long trench coat. To cover his wings and tail. One day he went out to buy food for the month he was thinking about buying a T. V. But while he was look at a T. V. it was plugged in.
It was showing a News report about an ancient house. It was Dee-Dai’s mom’s house. They were talking about some old stone tablets. “IT WAS Dee-Dai’S MOM’S DIARY”. It was every thing he read before. But the shown one Dee-Dai never saw before. Dee-Dai quickly read it before they took it off the screen.
It said that Nona made a monster to guard her when she was discovered that she was a dragon. But she could not control it. Its name was Moon Munn. When it tried to kill her she turn Moon Munn in to a small rock. Then sent it to the moon. Moon Munn could come back if his rock on Earth at the time of the loonier eclipse.
Dee-Dai new that Moon Munn’s rock had to be on Earth already. Dee-Dai had to read the whole tablet. So he listened for were they were taking the tablets. They were taking them to a college lab for study.
Dee-Dai paid for his grocery. Then headed home to prepare for that night because he was going to steal the tablet. That night Dee-Dai snuck into the college. The night guard was asleep in his office. So Dee-Dai had easy.
Dee-Dai found the lab. Its door was locked so Dee-Dai kicked it down. Inside were 5 or 6 boxes. Dee-Dai walked up to one. He tore the top off. Inside there were 2 of tablet but these are not the ones he was looking for. Dee-Dai went to the next box in it was the one he was looking for. Dee-Dai rapped it in a towel than headed home.
Once home, Dee-Dai read the back of the tablet. All it said was what Nona made Moon Munn of moon dust, dragon scales, Nuckelavee’s poison breath, werewolf hair, lava rock, serpent scales, unicorn hoof, shark teeth, Indian war paint, banshee scream, elephant trunk, monkey hart, sea dragon tong, demon horn, snake fangs, dragonfly head, yellow rose petals, bat wing, cat claw, mermaid scales, elf ear, siren feathers, ogre fingernails, troll hair, fairy wing, witch nose, alligator feet, dead man’s hand, horse crap, dwarf scalp, gecko eggs, black pearl, frogs breath, goblin toes, vampire tooth, t-rex bone, wood rat tail, rhino horn, phoenix beak, giant squid eye, witchdoctor fingers, and hellhound paw.
Dee-Dai now knew that Moon Munn would be powerful. Because of the moon dust, dragon scales, and siren feathers. Dee-Dai knew this much that moon dust was used to control minds. Dragon scales were used to make thing stronger, and makes things breath fire. But worst of all is the siren feathers.
Because sirens voices are deadly. Also the sirens look like young women with bird wings, and legs. So if their feathers were in Moon Munn it would be very powerful.
Dee-Dai was very sure that Moon Munn’s rock was already on Earth. So he had to find out when the next loonier eclipse happens.
The next morning Dee-Dai does something rare. He was going in to town twice in one month. Dee-Dai had to know when the next loonier eclipse happens. So Dee-Dai went to the observatory at the college.
Dee-Dai had to wear something deferent than his trench coat or they would recognize him from the cameras that he had forgot about. Dee-Dai found an old pair of jogging pants big enough for Dee-Dai’s tale. Also he found an old bikers jacket to cover his wings.
Dee-Dai walked slowly to the college. The place was covered with police asking every one about the stolen objects. Dee-Dai got past the police, and walked to the observatory were an old man was looking at papers. Dee-Dai walked up to him and asks, “Are you the Astronomer that worked at the college?
” The old man responded with a laugh, and said, “Yes I am. But not today! I’m on vacation.” Dee-Dai was shocked. Dee-Dai asked him anyway. “When Dos the next loonier eclipse happen?”
The old man said, “You don’t know? Its tomorrow night.”
Dee-Dai was shocked worst than before. “WHAT?” Dee-Dai yelled. The old man almost fell over. “Yes tomorrow.” the old man said quietly. Dee-Dai turns and ran to his beach house. It was a site for the people. To see someone run so fast.
Because Dee-Dai lived 38 miles from the college. Dee-Dai once at his house set down, and tried thinking this over. He has only a day before a monster was to fight him. Also Dee-Dai didn’t know were Moon Munn was now.
That night Dee-Dai was training himself for what ever happens. Dee-Dai learned that the little red dragon tattoo never left his hand. Now actually it looks redder, and bigger than before.
Dee-Dai went to sleep about 11:45 am. He slept only 3 hours so it was about 2 or 3:00 when he woke. Dee-Dai looked at the sky he knew he didn’t have long before Moon Munn would wake. Dee-Dai jumped in to the ocean for a quick swim. He came out of the water about ¾ of hour later.
He walked in his house and got his long trench coat, and started to walk to town because even if they did find out he was the one that broke in to the college it would be a miner problem when Moon Munn attacks. Dee-Dai knew that he had 3 or 4 hours to go before the loonier eclipse.
Dee-Dai was standing in the middle of the street when nightfall came. Most of the people were staring at him and at the sky waiting for the eclipse. Dee-Dai notes that the moon looked bigger than before.
Dee-Dai saw the old man setting up an old model telescope on a roof of a building. Dee-Dai sat on the sidewalk, and looked up at the moon it was ¼ of it was covered. Dee-Dai was as ready as he could be. He couldn’t wait any longer he got up, and walked over to a soup cart and ordered some egg drop soup, and egg roll. After Dee-Dai ate the soup, and egg roll, the moon was ¾ covered.
Dee-Dai was getting tired of waiting. Dee-Dai sat on the sidewalk again, and was thinking of how should he fight Moon Munn when he shows up. Dee-Dai looked at the moon again he notes that it was getting bigger still.
Dee-Dai than remembered his hand. The little red dragon tattoo now was as big as Dee-Dai’s whole hand. Dee-Dai fell asleep on the sidewalk but woke suddenly.
When Dee-Dai woke the moon was almost fully eclipse in one minute. Dee-Dai stood fast he was staring straight at the moon. The moon eclipsed but nothing happen. Dee-Dai was sure that Moon Munn was coming back tonight. But when Dee-Dai turn to leave the moon began glowing a green color.
Ever body saw the event when Dee-Dai turn to see it for himself but it was too late. A green lighting bolt came from the moon it shot far from were Dee-Dai was it hit in the direction of America.
It was back in America where Moon Munn was. Dee-Dai ran to an alley were he threw the trench coat off, opened his wings. Dee-Dai jumped up, and flew as fast as he could to America.
Once their Dee-Dai rested from the flight by sitting on the roof of a building. After waiting a minute or two. Dee-Dai got up and jumped off the roof. Ones on the ground he had to find something to cover his wings. Dee-Dai seen a dumpster inside he found an old poncho. Dee-Dai quickly put it on.
Dee-Dai wondered were he landed. He looked for a sign to tell him were he was. He looked at a sign on a corner it said “WELCOME TO ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO” Dee-Dai was surprise that he flew all that way.
Dee-Dai walked on to see a store opened it was a small corner store. He walked inside there he found a young boy working behind the counter.
There was a T. V. on in the back Dee-Dai could here it. The boy asked did he want something. Dee-Dai looked around than shook his head “no.” The boy said nothing. Dee-Dai was listing to the T. V. it said something about a Texas NASA center exploding.
Dee-Dai couldn’t remember what NASA was. Then it struck him NASA was a space center where moon rocks are kept.
Dee-Dai ran out the door, and up the street. He spread his wings, and jumped up. Dee-Dai flew but he didn’t know were the NASA center was. The only NASA center Dee-Dai knew was in Houston Texas that was because Dee-Dai had seen it while passing threw one time. He flew to it the place was in ruble.
Dee-Dai saw the place was covered in police, and news crews.
Then out of nowhere came a sound. It was music it was very peaceful it was like a young woman was singing a lullaby.
It went like this “GO TO SLEEP… GO TO SLEEP… MY FRIEND… GO TO SLEEP… GO TO SLEEP… MY CHILD… GO TO SLEEP… GO TO SLEEP… MY VICTIM…” The song keeps getting louder, and repeating over, and over, and over again.
Dee-Dai was about to fall asleep. He looked up shortly before he fall asleep to see the police, and news crew were all on the ground asleep. Dee-Dai woke an hour later. His head hurt a bit but Dee-Dai stood up anyway.
The police, and news crew were waking up to but they were not standing their heads hurt to badly. Dee-Dai rubbed the side of his head some silver, and gold color dust fell off. Dee-Dai said to himself “MOON DUST!”
Moon Munn was here. It used moon dust to read their minds. Dee-Dai was scared what ever Moon Munn learned from Dee-Dai’s mind couldn’t be good.
Dee-Dai stumbled to a tree, and than vomited. His head hurt so badly. He then remembered the only way to stop moon dust headache is to wash it all off. So Dee-Dai stumbled over to a mud puddle, and stuck his whole head in it.
After he pulled his head out the pain lessened. He wiped the mud off his face. Then stood again than flew to the woods.
Ones there he climbed up a tree, and fell asleep again.
The next morning Dee-Dai climbed down, and flew to Louisiana. Once there he got some new clothes from a garbage can. He found a new pair of blue jeans that had a rip in the back big enough for his tale. Also a baseball jersey for a shirt, and a blue bed sheet to cover his wings.
Dee-Dai looked like a homeless supper-hero. Even if he looked very embarrassing Dee-Dai had to go to town. Dee-Dai walk in to a small truck stop for breakfast, and to hear if Moon Munn attacked again. Dee-Dai walked up to the counter, and asked if they had a T. V., and if they had fish on their menu. There was a teenage girl behind the counter she said “THERE WAS A T. V. IN THE BACK. BUT THE ONLY FISH ON THE MENU WAS CATFISH.”
Dee-Dai ordered the catfish, and went the back to watch the T. V. Dee-Dai sat down, and turned the channel to the News Channel. Dee-Dai was sure that Moon Munn was going to attack today.
After 10 minutes Dee-Dai’s catfish was ready. Dee-Dai ate his food but didn’t leave. He stayed to watch, and see if any thing happened that Moon Munn might have done.
The man on the T. V. said something about a museum of Greek mythology was robbed this morning. Dee-Dai turned the volume up to here it better. It said that all the guard, scientists, and clean up crew were all knocked out. The only thing they remembered was a quite song then wanting to go to sleep.
And the only thing stolen was a book from the Science Lab. It was a book of ancient mythological monsters.
Dee-Dai knew it was Moon Munn. Dee-Dai ran out the door. He ran to a nearby swamp. Dee-Dai jumped head first in to the swamp water. Ones under the water Dee-Dai took the sheet off. Dee-Dai swam up, and climbed out of the swamp. Dee-Dai opened his wing, and flu to all the way back to Japan for some supplies.
Once at his house Dee-Dai got the bickers jacket, 9 mm gun he got from J. Jack, and his mom’s stone tablet. Dee-Dai flew to Greece because he knew that Moon Munn was heading there.
After 2 hours Dee-Dai made it to Greece. Once there Dee-Dai got himself a hotel, and some bullets for the 9 mm gun. Dee-Dai knew that the gun would not hurt Moon Munn.
Than Dee-Dai remembered the siren voice. He had to find some way to stop the power of it. Than Dee-Dai remembered that siren voices could be blocked with bee’s wax.
Dee-Dai went to store to buy some bee’s wax when he heard a T. V. in a building it said “NEWS BRAKE. A (MONSTER) IS ATTACKING A HOTEL. IT HAD KILLED THE DESK CLERK, AND WAS GOING Thru A ROOM. A SWAT TEAM WAS BEING ASSEMBLED TO KILL THE (MONSTER)!”
Dee-Dai ran back to the hotel. He was right it was his hotel. The place had swat team vans everywhere.
Dee-Dai was expecting that the swat team would stop him. But no one was there. There were swat team vans but no swat team in site.
Dee-Dai walked into the hotel. It was a blood bath. There was dead swat team people all over the place. One was hanging from a coat rack hook. Dee-Dai stared to walk to his room when he finely got to see Moon Munn.
It was over 20 ft tall. Its head was shaped like ¼ moon but Moon Munn face had no mouth. Moon Munn’s body was disfigured it’s right arm was of a ogre with a big wooden club. Moon Munn’s left arm was a snake’s body but at the end of it was a young, lovely, naked, red haired, woman, with bird wings instead of arms. Dee-Dai said to himself “SIREN.” Moon Munn’s legs were a serpent tale but at the end of it was the unicorn’s hoof. But the thing that got Dee-Dai attention was that Moon Munn had Dee-Dai’s mom’s stone tablet under his ogre arm.
Dee-Dai went to attack Moon Munn. When the siren stared to sing. Dee-Dai fell down were he stood. The last thing Dee-Dai saw was Moon Munn turn to leave. Dee-Dai saw that Moon Munn’s mouth was on the back of its head. It was a horse’s mouth.
When Dee-Dai woke up it was just 20 minutes but Dee-Dai felt like it was a 100-year. Dee-Dai stood up he had to get out of there. He ran to a window, took off the jacket, and flew as fast as he could. Dee-Dai didn’t care if people saw he had wings, and a tale.
They had already seen Moon Munn so a man with wings, and a tale would not shock them as bad.
Dee-Dai went to the store were he was going earlier. He ran inside he throw the money on the counter, and grabbed a jar of honey with wax. Dee-Dai flew all the way back to Japan. Once back at his house he laid down on his couch. He fell asleep on the couch, when he woke up it was the next day.
Dee-Dai grabbed the jar, and opened it. He pored the honey out, and he saw the in the bottom of the jar.
Ones he got the wax Dee-Dai was ready to fight Moon Munn again.
Then he remembered that he left the 9 mm back at the hotel. Dee-Dai had to fly back to the hotel. Dee-Dai stared the long flight he got there an hour later. Dee-Dai had to find out where the gun was now, it had to still should be in the room.
Dee-Dai walked to the hotel the place had yellow tape all over. Dee-Dai walked in and saw where the bodies had been were chalk out lines.
Dee-Dai walked inside the room he was staying in nothing had been moved. Dee-Dai looked were he had put the gun it was still there he put it in his pocket, and ran out of the building.
Dee-Dai flew back again to Japan. Back at his house he put the bee’s wax in his pocket. Now Dee-Dai had to find Moon Munn.
Moon Munn now has the tablet that tells how it was made. Dee-Dai was sure Moon Munn’s plan wasn’t good. Dee-Dai finely had an idea where Moon Munn was going next. Moon Munn would go where it was made.
Dee-Dai had to go to the dig site were Dee-Dai, and his mom lived for years. Dee-Dai got ready then flew to the dig site. Once there Dee-Dai notes something was wrong, all the digging stuff was still out, and the dig crews vehicles were still there.
Dee-Dai walked over where Dee-Dai’s mom’s house once stood. There was one dead man lying in the bottom of the hole in the ground. Dee-Dai knew there was more people at these site than that. Then out of nowhere came these moans, groans, and goals.
Dee-Dai turned to see 5 teenaged college students. They were very pale, and sick looking. They were vampire slaves. Moon Munn used the vampire in him to make himself a small army. One of the vampire teens ran at Dee-Dai as fast as it could.
Dee-Dai gabbed the gun, and shot the vampire in the heart twice. The vampire hit the ground where it stood.
Then 2 more tried to attack Dee-Dai. Dee-Dai kicked one in the side of the head. The vampire’s head flew off, and landed 8 ft away. The other one Dee-Dai shot in neck. Its head broke off, and fell beside the vampire’s feet. The last 2 vampires just stood there, and stared at Dee-Dai.
Dee-Dai was wondering why they weren’t attacking him. Than Dee-Dai heard something behind him. Dee-Dai turned to see Moon Munn standing there smiling.
Dee-Dai quickly puts the bee’s wax in his ears. So the siren’s song won’t work on him.
Then Moon Munn raised the ogre’s club to whack Dee-Dai. Dee-Dai was going to jump out of the way. But he stayed where he stood. Then Dee-Dai’s right hand that had the red dragon tattoo throws a punch. It hit, and knocked the club out of Moon Munn’s hand.
Then Dee-Dai felt something jump on his back. Dee-Dai reached behind him, and gabbed what ever was on his back. It was one of the vampires. Dee-Dai pulled it off, and threw it at Moon Munn.
With one swipe of Moon Munn’s unicorn hoof tale broke the vampire in two.
Dee-Dai saw that he would have to disable Moon Munn’s main weapons. Dee-Dai took a shot at Moon Munn’s ogre arm. The bullet ricocheted off the tough ogre skin. That’s when Moon Munn stared to talk.
Dee-Dai couldn’t here what Moon Munn was saying because of the bee’s wax. Dee-Dai pulled the wax out of his ears. Moon Munn was saying, “Dee-Dai GIVE UP… there is NO Use IN FIGHTING ME… I’M PART DRAGON TOO… I HAVE EVERY POWER YOU GOT, AND Then SOME… (ALSO I GOT YOU… YOU TOOK THE BEE’S WAX OUT OF YOUR EARS…)”
The siren stared to sing. Dee-Dai quickly turned, and shot. The bullet struck the siren in the side of her head. The siren let out a horrible scream, than fell limp on the end of Moon Munn’s arm.
Dee-Dai then shot at Moon Munn’s head but Moon Munn blocked the shot with the ogre arm. The arm was as big as a tree trunk, and covered with lumpy warts. Dee-Dai went to kick Moon Munn in the stomach.
Moon Munn blocked it with ogre arm again. Than Dee-Dai’s right arm stared to glow very brightly. Than Dee-Dai said some thing he never said before “DRAGON FIST CLAW!!!” Dee-Dai’s right arm stopped glowing but now it was red, and scaly also it had long yellow claws. Dee-Dai charged straight at Moon Munn.
Moon Munn tried to block the punch but Dee-Dai’s fist went throw Moon Munn’s ogre arm like butter. Dee-Dai pulled his arm back. Moon Munn stared to scream, and fell to the ground.
Dee-Dai looked around to see the last vampire still standing there looking at Dee-Dai. Then something hit Dee-Dai in the back of the head. Dee-Dai fell to the ground he turned to see Moon Munn standing, and growling.
Moon Munn used his unicorn hoof tail to knock Dee-Dai down. Dee-Dai reared back to throw a punch. But Moon Munn blocked the punch with the unicorn hoof.
Dee-Dai remembered that unicorn hoof is hardest thing on earth besides diamonds.
Moon Munn reared back his unicorn hoof to finish Dee-Dai off. It flew at Dee-Dai’s head. But Dee-Dai caught the unicorn hoof tail about 2 ft from his head and twisted it until Moon Munn was on the ground again.
Dee-Dai stood up with the unicorn hoof tale in his hand. Dee-Dai’s hand that was now like a dragon’s gabbed the tail, and begins to twist it off. Dee-Dai then throws the severed tail to one side, and went for Moon Munn’s head.
Moon Munn was lying face down on the ground. Dee-Dai looked at the mouth on the back of Moon Munn’s head it was a mouth like a horses but it had hundreds of little sharp teeth. Also the tongue was of a snake.
Dee-Dai’s dragon hand was going to crush the large head when it stared to talk. It said “Dee-Dai MY BOY… YOU KNOW THAT YOU DON’T WANT TO DO THAT… OR ELSE… I SHALL MAKE EARTH LIKE IT WAS WHEN I WAS MADE…”
Then Moon Munn shot a green gas out of its mouth into Dee-Dai’s face.
Dee-Dai quickly blocked the gas with his left wing. Dee-Dai took 2 steps back. He tried shaking the green gas off his wing. Because it started to burn. Dee-Dai knew what kind of gas this was. It was the poison breath of Nuckelavee the great sea beast of the Scotland shores.
Dee-Dai stopped, dropped, and rolled trying to rub the burning poison off. Dee-Dai stood up even though his wing was still burning. Dee-Dai had to kill Moon Munn.
But when Dee-Dai walked over to Moon Munn it was changing.
Moon Munn was still laying face first on the ground but Moon Munn’s back was starting to swell.
Dee-Dai thought these were very familiar. Then he remembered this is what he did to defeat Dr. Gain Green, and his army.
Dee-Dai didn’t dare touch Moon Munn it might explode.
Then the swollen back of Moon Munn busted opened. But instead of exploding inside were 2 long hellhound legs, 2 phoenix wings, and 3 long arms, one was of a werewolf, and the other 2 arms were the long skinless arms of Nuckelavee. Moon Munn was at least 3 times bigger than before.
Dee-Dai was walking backward slowly.
Moon Munn held out one of its long arms and opened its hand. In the hand a small blue flame was flickering. Then the flame started to get bigger. Then the flame was as big as Dee-Dai’s body.
Dee-Dai wasn’t moving he was standing, and staring at Moon Munn’s flaming hand. Then the flame took the shape of a bow & arrow.
Moon Munn grabbed the end of the arrow, and pulled it back. Dee-Dai stepped back just in time to move before Moon Munn fired.
The flaming arrow hit the ground blowing a hole as big as a semi truck. The flaming bow turned back in to a small blue flame. Then the blue flame turned in to a giant flaming ball.
Dee-Dai was still in pain from his wing. He couldn’t fly so whatever Moon Munn was planning Dee-Dai couldn’t escape.
Moon Munn took the flaming ball and put on his thumb, index, and pinky finger in it like a bowling ball. Dee-Dai stood in a battle stance. Moon Munn swung its arm back then forward letting go of the flaming bowling ball. Once the ball hit the ground the grass died as the ball rolled right at Dee-Dai.
Dee-Dai waited till the ball was just 4ft away than jumped up and over it. The ball rolled on past Dee-Dai until it hit one of the college kids car, and blow up.
Moon Munn was steamed it opened its large phoenix wings. The wings were red, orange, yellow, and green with blue flames at the tips of the feathers. Moon Munn flapped them slowly until it was flouting at lest 3ft of the ground. Than Moon Munn’s werewolf arm clinched its fist then opened it. Then the moon became full.
Dee-Dai felt weird then his wing healed, and he felt like he rejuvenated all his strength was back. Then Dee-Dai looked at Moon Munn it was rejuvenating too.
Moon Munn still had the ogre arm, siren body on its arm, and the serpent tail with out the unicorn hoof.
Dee-Dai could not believe that Moon Munn could still rejuvenate after all that damage. Moon Munn had the siren back but its brain was dead so it couldn’t sing.
Dee-Dai could fly now but Moon Munn was still stronger then him. Dee-Dai flapped his wings and flew up in to the air. He looked down at Moon Munn it was still down there waiting for Dee-Dai’s next move. Dee-Dai healed up his dragon arm the black claws began to glow yellow than Dee-Dai yelled “DRAGON CLAW!” Than the yellow glowing claws extended down at Moon Munn’s head.
Moon Munn dodged the claws, and flu up at Dee-Dai. Moon Munn throw a punch at Dee-Dai with the ogre arm. It hit Dee-Dai in the face knocking him unconscious for a second making the claws shrunk back to normal. Dee-Dai snapped back in time to throw a punch with his dragon arm hitting Moon Munn in werewolf arm severing it off.
Ones the werewolf arm was gone the moon was no longer full so Moon Munn couldn’t use it to heal its self anymore. Moon Munn was now very angry its white face was turning red and its entire fist was clinched.
Dee-Dai healed up his dragon arm again and said “DRAGON CLAW!” The glowing claws came back and extended at Moon Munn’s phoenix wings. All five claws hit the left wing breaking the bone in it and tore a large amount of feathers out.
Moon Munn yowled at the pain, and fell back down to earth. Dee-Dai let the claws shrink back down and flu back to the ground.
Moon Munn landed head first on the ground it was up to it shoulders in dirt.
Dee-Dai almost laughed at the way Moon Munn looked.
Moon Munn phoenix wing was too mangled for flying. Dee-Dai walked slowly over to Moon Munn’s body it smelled horrible it smelled let like burning hair.
Dee-Dai felt the ground move a little then a lot. Moon Munn was still alive. Dee-Dai tried to run but it was to late Moon Munn had adapted for under ground.
Dee-Dai’s leg was grabbed by a hand that came from the ground it was a trolls hand. Dee-Dai grabbed the hand with his dragon hand. The troll hand burned until it let go of Dee-Dai’s leg. Then the ground shook more and more than 3 long tentacles came out and were heading for Dee-Dai.
They were giant squid tentacles Moon Munn had to many species in it. Dee-Dai tried to fly up but one of the tentacles wrapped around Dee-Dai’s leg Dee-Dai karate chopped it. It released Dee-Dai’s leg and went in to the ground.
Dee-Dai flu up high enough that the other 2 tentacles couldn’t reach him. Dee-Dai healed his dragon hand out and said “LITTLE RED DRAGON BEAM!” Then a little red dragon came out of his hand and flu at Moon Munn’s body that was still stuck in the ground.
The little dragon flew straight into Moon Munn’s chest. Ones the dragon touched Moon Munn it blow up burning all the skin of Moon Munn’s body and it opened up Moon Munn’s rib cage exposing its purple, gray and black heart. Dee-Dai knew that is Moon Munn’s weakness Moon Munn was trying to heal but Dee-Dai done the “LITTLE RED DRAGON BEAM!” until Moon Munn gave up healing. But Dee-Dai’s little red dragon was not harming the evil heart. Dee-Dai would have to fly back down to crush the heart by hand.
Dee-Dai went in to a nosedive straight at Moon Munn’s hart. The 2 tentacles tried to grab Dee-Dai, but he was too fast the 2 tentacles slammed in to each other, and tangled together. Dee-Dai reached out and was grabbing for the heart when Moon Munn’s head came out of the ground on a long neck that of a serpent.
Moon Munn’s mouth less face shone lot of anger and Moon Munn said in a growling voice “Dee-Dai IF YOU KILL MY BODY… MY GREAT POWER WILL DESTROY OR CHANGE THE WORLD… YOU DON’T WON’T THAT DO YOU Dee-Dai… IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE TRY IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!!!” After saying that Moon Munn closed its eyes.
Dee-Dai didn’t hesitate for a second he kicked Moon Munn in the side of the head and grabbed its hart. Dee-Dai began to squeeze the hart slowly so because of the pain Moon Munn pulled its head back in to the ground. Ones that happened Dee-Dai completely crushed the hart black blood went everywhere.
Dee-Dai was covered in it when he got done. He landed on the ground and took a few steps back and set down on the ground. Then he heard a sound of footsteps behind him. Dee-Dai turn to see the vampire was still there but nothing was holding it back.
It came at Dee-Dai but it was not very smart it was running head first at him so all Dee-Dai did was punch it in the face and it hit the ground like a ton of bricks.
Ones he was finished with the vampire Dee-Dai set back down. But this time he looked at Moon Munn’s body it was bigger it was swell.
But Moon Munn was not repairing to heal it was going to explode. There was no way to stop it Moon Munn going to destroy the earth.
Dee-Dai stood in a battle stance hoping to block the blast. But not even Dee-Dai’s dragon arm could block the blast. Moon Munn’s explosion covered the earth. The explosion did not Dee-Dai hurt at all. All he felt was a large tingly feeling then a serge of pain then blacked out.
When it was all over Dee-Dai woke but he felt a lot deferent. He stood up he didn’t feel sick or weak he felt great. But what was interesting to him was that the earth was still here. He was still standing on solid ground. The entire dig crews cars, trucks, and vans were gone Dee-Dai seen one of the rearview mirror he walked over and looked in to it. Dee-Dai was shocked he had changed. His skin was gold with red Japanese writing on his collarbone that said “Mega Dee-Dai THE DRAGON- MAN” Dee-Dai was surprised he looked at his hands he had a slit in each wrist but they weren’t cuts. Dee-Dai clinched his fist and two long 3ft long seriated blades that was scalpel sharp. Also he had a hole in his stomach that looked like a giant eyelid.
But while Dee-Dai was checking his elf out something was sneaking behind him. He didn’t see it coming. The vampire had lived thru Dee-Dai’s fight, and the blast. It snuck up behind Dee-Dai slowly it was just about to bite him on the back of his neck when Dee-Dai slung around with the blade extended.
The vampire’s head feel to the ground but the body was still standing. Dee-Dai swung the blades over and over until the vampire was in at least 5 pieces. But the pieces were still moving so Dee-Dai held out his hand and said “LITTLE RED DRAGON BEAM!” But the little red dragon was bigger than before and when it touched the vampire remains the explosion knocked Dee-Dai off his feet.
When Dee-Dai stood up all that was left of the vampire was ashes, bones, and smoke. Then the eyelid on Dee-Dai’s stomach opened up it wasn’t an eye it was a black hole it started to suck air in than the ashes, bones, and smoke was sucked in too. When all the vampire’s remains were sucked in the eye led closed. After the eyelid closed a funny feeling happed, and Dee-Dai felt a little stronger. And 2 short horns grow on the top of Dee-Dai’s head. Dee-Dai started to walk he had to extols the world all over again.
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