Sagittarius Knight Picture

This is a fan art about Japanese manga/anime Saint Seiya drawn by Masami Kurumada. My version is very different. The story happens in Greek mythological era. When the Olympian gods fought the Titans, each god formed an army of knights. Hephaestus created all the armors for them. Athena only had 48 knights (according to the number of ancient constellations). When the war ended, half of Athena's army was dead. The survivors became rogue knights because their service was no longer required. Just like the original Greek version, Athena chose to mingle with other gods on mount Olympus - leaving humans at the mercy of mischievous gods and dangerous monsters. Each ex-Athena's knight then handed down their armor and power to their descendants or relatives. Although the war against the titans had ended, people still needed savior because sometimes Olympian gods caused havoc. Hence, the knights were still in business of saving lives.

Belos (means arrow) is my original character who becomes Sagittarius Knight. He is one of the original knights who fought along side Athena during the Olympians' battle against the Titans. Those 12 zodiac knights held high rank among Athena's army. To ensure victory, instead of giving them ambrosia, Athena took out their hearts painlessly and store them in sealed jars. That way, they became immortal. After the battle, each zodiac knight was given a small temple with their heart inside. Each guarded his own temple because if the heart was destroyed, he would die. Because of this, zodiac knights usually didn't care fighting bad gods or monsters.

Despite looking young and fit, Belos is almost 500 years old. Being an immortal knight means spending eternity in loneliness. He lost his boyfriend to old age, eversince he has pledged to stay single until he met Tristan, the Pegasus Knight. On that fateful day, Tristan was chasing one of Hades' knights. The fight was so close to Sagittarius Temple that Belos couldn't ignore it, especially after seeing Tristan's severe wound. After the fight was won, Belos took care of Tristan and let him stay in Sagittarius temple. When Belos washed Tristan's wounded chest, he realized that his heart had not yet died. Without knowing it, he fell for Tristan.

Problem is, Zestos - Phoenix Knight - has already fallen for Tristan. He loved lurking around Tristan thus Zestos saw what Belos and Tristan did together. Jealousy enraged him. Zestos then planned to frame Belos by stealing a god's treasure.

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