Meeting of the Kitsunes Picture

Kitsune (狐) are supernatural foxes who have gained intelligence and magical abilities with age, denoted by how many tails - up to nine - that they have. One of their most well known abilities is that of turning into a human, especially that of a beautiful woman or an elderly man. Hoshi no Tama (ほしのたま), or Star Balls, are jewels kitsune keep in their mouth or on their tails that are said to hold some of kitsune's magical powers. If you take it from him, he will haunt you forever, but if you give it back, he will protect you with his life.

Part 3 of Japanese Mythology Series. Next up: Baku
Traditional - Recycled Paper, Sakura Micron Pens, Faber-Castell White Pencils, and Mechanical Pencil.

Original is for sale and looks 10x better in person. Prints will be one sale at conventions along with the other scrolls of the series with an information card on the back.
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