Trevan facial expressions Picture

Heres part 1 to my portfolio, a facial study of my character Trevan. He's the protagonist to my own story that involves murder mysteries, ancient tomb exploring and dealings with the mythical and the macabre. I'd like to say my story is a mix of my favorite things, mythology, horror and Indiana Jones

Don't let Trevan's sexy lean back against a wall pose, he's actually really awkward and a total nerd! Here's more on him.

age - 28
height - 6'4
weight - 200 lbs.
hair - jet black
eyes - black
occupation - um... still working on that. Somewhere along the lines of explorer/ negotiator

personality - Trevan is considered to be the most over the top man child. He has great passion in his work and interests, maybe a little too much. He is a bit quirky and most people find him disconnected from the real world, thus making it hard getting to know him. Although he may seem strange and sometimes even intimidating for his passionate behavior, he is a humble man and is actually very relatable and down to earth. He has a kind heart and constantly reaches out to those in need.

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