Rhea Picture

Name: Rhea (From the Titaness married to Cronus/Kronos in Greek Mythology)
Age: 11
Species: Human
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Fiery Orange
Main Color: Pale Green and Bright Orange
Likes: Espadon's Cooking, Classic Novels, Writing FanFiction for Mega Man Star Force (Yep.)
Dislikes: Being Called a Brat, Being Short, Having Writer's Block
Other: Rhea is Cronus and Atlas's younger sister who is searching for her lost siblings. She currently lives with Fleur and Espadon in an arctic zone. She enjoys playing Mega Man Star Force (Because that is a different universe, I took the liberty of giving it a cameo.) and often pretends that she is Sonia or Luna from that series whenever she is not working.
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