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Xasheen Consortium


The aliens known as the Xasheen inhabit a sizable portion of the Western Edge of the Milky Way and are a fledging race of shrewd business dealers. Called the Consortium by most who deal with them, the Xasheen control all the comings and goings of resources with massive cargo haulers protected by a vast Merchant Marine.

Their civilization is based on trade, the largest of the companies on the homeworld of Xashon Prime joining together in a partnership to form a "republic" of sorts, the High Executor and his board of directors controlling the workings of the Xasheen. Money and power are their main drives and they will do nothing until they've secured themselves within a position of wealth and authority, its every Xasheen's dream. You'd think that'd such a government would be corrupt, making the rich richer and the poor poorer, but they give any and all citizens equal opportunity to become a part of the Consortium, creating a very well off society with little or no lower class. Due to high amount of resources on their homeworld and in nearby systems, jobless Xasheen are unheard of. Others are conscripted into the Merchant Marine, which works in tandem with the cargo ships and pirate patrols. The Xasheen boast that for every cargo ship, there are two frigates, swift and versatile craft that are can be suited for any mission.

Not hostile towards any that they meet, the Xasheen always open with a trade agreement, searching for new products that technology that they'd love to get their hands on. If the new "business partner" has something worth trading or a service worth paying for, the Xasheen will welcome you with open arms.

Short History:

The Xasheen developed on a world named Xashon Prime, a dusty arid world. The surface was covered in an endless sea of dunes and sand, mountainous regions holding the only water sources and vegetation. Underground, there is a massive sea that honeycombs the interior of the planet's crust.

Here, the Xasheen clans built fortress cities on these mountains, claiming water and whatever minerals or materials were found. They horded their precious items like dragons coveting treasure, not sharing with the dying clans around them. Wars broke out, the poor clans banding together to strike at the rich. Some were successful, but only because of sheer number. Then the rich began to strike back, using more powerful weapons created from their resources. Soon it came to a stalemate, neither side gaining or losing ground. The rich had lost their man power to work their factories and the poor were running out of food to resupply their armies. They looked to each other, seeing something that the other wanted. The leaders of either side convened and within the week had signed a pact to join forces together. The first "bonding" took place at what is the Xashon Prime's capital, Haraiah. Other clans began to see that trade between each other would be advantageous. Then at the scared "Conjoining of the Divines", where the two moons eclipsed each other, every clan signed to join the Consortium.

All working together as equals, they shared ideas and products, creating new ideas and products, leading to discoveries that lead to dynamic expansions which soon lead them into the reaches of space.


Xasheen are similar to humans, but their skin is scaled and comes in a variety of greens. Their eyes are black with white pupils and do not have varying irises. Some males are born with a third eye, a sign of good luck and intellect (which usually holds true).

The Xasheen are long lived, ranging from between 200-300 years. They reach adulthood at about twenty years. It’s an odd fact to note that, when they reach a certain age of adulthood, they stop maturing and do not show signs of aging. When they are about to die, however, they will rapidly age and wither.


Despite their humanoid appearance, Xasheen differ greatly from humans. They respirate through special canals in their ears seeing that both are part of the sinuses. They are also cold blooded and their parts of their skin are made up of hard scales, which encourages the fact that they are reptilian. In their chest cavity, they have two hearts, a main heart and a smaller back up heart just below it. Many a time has this smaller heart saved the life of a fatally wounded Xasheen.

Their digestive tract is dissimilar, kidney-like organs near a pre-stomach chamber neutralize any poisonous elements that might otherwise do harm. All but the most powerful toxins can stop a Xasheen in its tracks.

The Xai'sho, Xasheen that chose to live underground, are similar in every aspect, save for their more bulky bodies and larger eyes for seeing in the darkness of caverns.


Xasheen are friendly, polite and are very shrewd when it comes to business and economy. They strive to better themselves in the social ladder in order to achieve a standing of wealth and authority. Performance and efficiency is everything to them.

Sexuality and Love:

The Xasheen are similar to humans in most respects, a male seeks a female to bond and mate with to conceive a child. Courting lasts for months, until the two moons of the planet eclipse each other, which means that the couple must make their partnership both religiously and legally official. If they are not ready by this time, they shall wait for the next eclipse. Marriages cannot be made outside of this "scared time", it is viewed that the gods will not bless them and they will be scarred with bad luck and misery. Divorces are rare and can only occur on this occasion as well. Homosexuality is not practiced by the Xasheen because the concept does not exist in their society.


The Xasheen are moon worshipers, looking to the heavens above at the two moons that orbit their planet. They are avatars of the Divines, icons of the gods that will forever watch and protect their planet. They have no name for it, so some call it Lunarism.

Kazar, the God of war and wisdom, guards and keeps watch at night when everyone sleeps, until the sun dragon U'rod wakes and rises into the sky. It is said that he destroyed demons from the void with arrows of light.

Dalim, the Goddess of mercy and love, rises with U'rod during the day and stays the dragon's wrathful temper. She sometimes raises her shield in a holy eclipse and blocks U'rod's overwhelming rage.

Lunists theology states that at an Appointed Time, Kazar and Dalim will descend from the heavens and construct a great city, in which all may live in peace and happiness eternally, protected from the evils around them by angelic guardians.

Since the expansion into space, the moons that orbit Xashon Prime have become home to massive city-cathedrals, where a fanatical priestly class looks after the Divines' treasures. These treasures are ancient machinery that have been left behind by some mysterious race that inhabited Xashon Prime before. "Kazar's Arrow" are weapons stations that dot the moon and protect the planet and the system with a hyper-intelligent AI named Lolon. "Dalim's Shield" is actually a device that erects an energy barrier to snuff out harmful solar flares emitted by the sun.

Currently, this "religion" has become something of a relic, since Lolon has shed light on the moons' purpose. Since then they have explored their star system countless times its considered old fashioned and pointless. Still, the Lunaric priests still encourage that Kazar and Dalim exist, maybe not in this world, but in the next.


Kal'kun is what the Xasheen call their tongue, but each region has their own unique dialect. This is the most common one. It’s comprised of 20 runic letters with their own distinct sounds and usage (some characters can't be used with others). Similar to the Vikings of Earth, each rune is written just using straight and diagonal lines. The symbols were used to carve inscriptions in stone, so they were designed to be easy to cut into a hard surface with a knife or chisel. This style of writing was common in the earlier ages since they did not have an over abundance of paper. Dul'kun'ra, or "modern tongue" is the what they currently speak and it has been updated in usage for inter-racial communications, usually with trade.

Arts, Music and Literature:

One of the reasons why the Xasheen are such good merchants is not just their charisma, but it’s their artwork. Any self-respecting noble (in the current star-date anyway), wouldn't be caught dead without a piece of belonging to the Xasheen.

Paintings are their usual medium. Seeing that they are moon-worshipers, they have an obsession with their moons and will do almost anything to capture their likeness. Some so look so real, that you feel you are looking through a window rather than a picture frame.

The Xasheen acting arts is also something to behold. In older days, motion pictures were the favorite form of entertainment and it still is currently with the new holo-dramas. And along with the theater are the musical arts, which usually are presented in orchestras in glorious symphonies.

Weapons and Technology:

The Xasheen are quite an advanced race when it comes to technology, thanks to an abundance of trade between different cultures. Many of their own devices have been reverse engineered from other races’ components, developing into various hybrid technologies. One of the most notary is the Xasheen-Spaari cybernetic implants.

The Xasheen have been tinkering with genetics and bio-technology for some time in the past, creating creatures from massive beasts of labor to small household pets. With the aid of Spaari robotic knowledge, some of these creature’s abilities have increase tenfold, catching the eye of the military branch. The most fearsome native predators soon became a common sight in a base’s armoury, some towering over tanks and the like, hulling weapons across rough terrain that would leave conventional vehicles immobile.

The Xai'sho:

Xasheen who've chosen to dwell underground, who build cities in the caverns and explore the vast Under Sea. Controversy exists whether or not they are actually a part of the Consortium, seeing that they have shared the same planet for many generations without dispute yet they have never signed the carter. The priests look upon them with disgust.

They've come to live under the surface after a particularly dangerous solar storm almost wiped the Xasheen off the face of the planet during their earliest developments as a civilization. It seemed to never end, scorching the planet even hotter than ever before and some decided it was best to travel deeper beneath the surface. Thanking the planet and the underground sea for saving them, they've come to forget the Divines above and have started worshiping the planet itself, Xashon the Preserver.


The AI construct known as Lolon is the caretaker for the defensive facility on Kazar. A mystery to all who behold it, the priests have called it a demi-God. Lolon did not want to shatter their young minds, so remained as a "prophet" of sorts, slowly guiding them towards the truth. Even after this, the priests view Lolon as a "guiding light", since he is a well-spring of information and knowledge, allowing them to develop technologies such as the Tachyon Cloak for faster-then-light travel.

However, even after questioning him thoroughly, he does not divulge every ounce of information that sit in his encrypted memory banks. He says most of it is too dangerous for their minds and it could destroy them. He still won't even shed light on his origins or who created him.

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