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SO, here's my app for the re-opening of #TheDigitalWar, this will most likely be the last group I'm going to join. And I wasn't planning on joining, but I was looking through ~Queen-Frog's sketchbook a while ago, and saw she was making one, and... then I wanted to too.

Well anyways, I really wanted to create a different kind of character for myself. Tupan Navigans' name is inspired by a pterosaur called Tupandactylus Navigans, it was a pterosaur founded in Teresina, Brazil, and was named after the Brazilian thunder God, Tupan. Though, before I went ahead and made Tupan, I began working on his digimon first.

I've made my own Digimon before, but they were always based off of my own likes, and would usually be some sort of Parasaurolophus inspired one. I wanted to do something completely different. While talking with ~Queen-Frog, she wanted to do one inspired by the Hindu Goddess, Kali. She told me to do something God related too, and at first... duh, Greek mythology... but, I always did that. So, Norse came into my head. Thor was my first choice, but Thor is popular, and always used... so, what about Loki? Since I was at a con, I had no means of getting info on Loki besides what I already knew; adopted son of Odin, really a Jotunn, bad guy, killed Baldr, and so on. But, when I actually began to research him, well, alot of what I(and many other people knew) was wrong. Loki wasn't a bad guy, he was just a trickster... in the original Norse myths. But, the Christians came in, and saw the Norse mythology didn't have a 'devil', so... they chose Loki.

Anywho, the snake is associated with Loki, so a naga-esk design would be fun to do. All his names are based off different variations of Loki's name, except "Asmon" is named from "Aesir" which is the Nordic word for "God", and "Jotunnmon"(pronounced: Yotun) is the name of the giants, which Loki is.

I'm sorry for so much typing, oh man, I just had SO much on my mind while I was working on this, it was just so much fun.

I hope I get in~
Name: Tupan Navigans
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Digivice: Palm Pilot
Digital Shard: Knowledge
Nationality: Teresina, Brazil
Tupan Navigans is a very studious, but artsy (and metrosexual) boy from Brazil. He grew up a fairly spoiled life, with his father being a doctor, and his mother a –not sure yet-, and his much older three sisters. Though he lived in a nice home, and had nice things, his parents were always too busy with work to spend too much time with their son. His three sisters, being much older than he, were busy with their own studies; all in university. Thus, Tupan was a very lonely boy growing up, and he spent a lot of his time painting and studying.

When Tupan turned sixteen, his father bought him a palm pilot, due to Tupan’s obsessive compulsive personality. Eagerly, he set it up, but there was something wrong with it; nothing would work, and just an egg was shown on the screen. His father and mother were too busy to look into it, so the palm pilot sat on Tupan’s desk, unused, until it hatched into his personal digimon, Asmon. Though, being the spoiled son of a doctor and a –whatever his mum is-, Tupan was a little disappointed to have a Nordic inspired digimon and not one from his own culture. After a while, he got used to the little trickster following him around, though they never really saw eye to eye. Deep down, Tupan was just happy to have a friend in his lonely world.

Because his parents were almost never home, and his sisters all exceeding in their studies, Tupan strived to be the best student he could be (despite having Lokkemon distracting him) to impress them. Graduating at the top of his class in high school, with many awards and honours, and the goal to become a doctor like his father. He received a scholarship to study abroad in Japan. And, as much as Tupan would miss his home in Brazil; his parents were too busy for him regardless, so he took it. He and Lokkemon were off to Japan, thus coming across more digi-destined and joining the “Sol” dorms.

While working on his studies to become a doctor, Tupan eases his stress by being excruciatingly organized, as well as painting. He especially enjoys water colour painting, and will sit outside to paint landscapes. In the rest of the time he has, he works as a tutor. Tupan tries to keep himself busy, a trait he gets from both his parents.

Digimon Partner:
Lokkemon/Lokimon is a very misunderstood digimon; much like the Norse God he resembles. Though he may seem like a bad egg, he really isn’t. He and Tupan don’t get along as well as most kids and their digimon partners, but they are more alike than they think, and really do care for one another. Neither of them really know how to act socially; Tupan being too quiet and anti-social; and Lokkemon always trying to play pranks, and tease. Neither can say the right words around others (or each other), and usually are too blunt. Lokkemon is always making fun of Tupan’s metrosexuality, calling him gay instead. Like his master, Lokkemon has more brains than brawns. He has a fast mind, and a scheming way of thinking, and what he lacks in brute strength, he makes up for with cunning and speed.


Boom Bubble

Mischief Mayhem
Home Fire

Trick Venom

Malice Hiss
Snaptun Stone
Ice Lander

Logi Fire
Aesir Shift
Bolder Break

Height Chart

Tupan Navian/Digimon Design(c)~Chickah-Dee
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