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The third of the cheat sheets for the Stories of Mythology Contest =yami-caffeine and I are hosting! Cash and art prizes abound so check it out! [link]

Full Name: Antha Taulka
Nickname(s): Black Patience, The Virgin of the Ocean, The Queen of Hell
Gender: Female
Age: 170 - this translates to about 30
Birthday: November 15th, Scorpio
Hair: White and waist length.
Eyes: Pink
Height: 6'3"
Race/Species: Drow Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: For an elf Antha is very well built because of her monks training. She’s also naturally very curvy. She has pierced ears but no favourite earrings.
Beliefs/Religion: Buddhist.
Temperament: Penetrating, Investigative, Dynamic, Probing, Compassionate, Fair, Just, Intelligent, Patient, Calm, Collected, Level Headed, Omnipresent, Removed
Career: The Quarter Master of the Enoch. On occasion she also works as lawyer and judge.
Likes: Chess, Calligraphy, Green Tea, Cultural things, Maps, Law, Ice Cream, Strawberries, Criminal Justice, Tradition, Martial Arts, Philosophy
Dislikes: Brash people, Ignorance, Unobjective thinking, Snap judgements, impatience, Being Touched.
Natural Talents: An extremely skilled cartographer and well read in law, Antha is a formidable force when it comes to law and order. She oversees all the Enoch’s contracts, holdings and it’s business affairs. She’s remarkably skilled at knowing law so inside and out she can form a metaphorical brick wall around anyone she chooses, but he sense of law also makes her picky about who she chooses to do this for. She practices Tai Chi and pressure points, which are her favoured ways of fighting, turning ones force back against them and using pressure points to disable them.
Background: She was driven from the underground at a young enough age that she can barely remember her drow family. But I'm keeping the mystery of this whole story to myself. She was found by southern elves and raised in a monastery, thus the Buddhist monk thing. She would later be trained in law and cartography by a high standing man, but discouraged by his lack of morality she left and started traveling. Somewhere in this traveling she was found by the Enoch and she joined up with them.
Cassiel: The angel Antha is the incarnation of. Cassiel is the one known as “The closest to God,” the being most godlike of all the angels. Cassiel is responsible for the ever turning wheel of life, birth, death and rebirth. It is said that she witnessed the creation of the universe and knows how it will end. Her symbol is the peacock and her wings are made of peacock feathers, the eyes that see all. She was entrapped for a period by the Demon Lord Mammon but he would eventually let her go. She returned to Mammon, continuing her work from the Hells knowing only Patience could bring him close to the heavens again.

Partner: Dae Lanta, Captain of The Leviathan. Of both crew they were the first to come into contact without malice but the last to actually complete their relationship. Antha’s original interest in him was to procure maps and papers Malta couldn’t acquirer but intreged by his intelligence and cunning she kept returning to advice him on his requests. When asked why she chose Dae to be her companion her reply was “He’s the only person, let alone man, who can beat me at chess, how could I not love him?”

Siblings: None.

Friends/Allies: Quenta Kiirar ((The Enoch’s First Mate, These two are very close)) Malta Tiris ((Captain of the Enoch)), Lote Narwa ((The ships second mate)), Dhar Hadeon ((a business man with shady dealings)), Sol’leks Giliath ((The ships navigator)), Huine Nukumna ((a quiet girl Antha took upon herself to take care of)) Fallaner en’Litse ((Her doctor and the Second Mate of the Leviathan))

Enemies: Antha tends to make a point of not making enemies but she rather loathed by Ikkin - The demon that is responsible for the scar on her thigh and her resulting occasional illness. Minya also hates her since he perceives her as having ‘taken’ Dae from him.

Full Name: Dae Lanta
Nickname(s): Cap'n, The King of Hell, Mammon
Gender: Male
Age: 174 - physically around 30-ish.
Birthday: July 30th, Leo
Hair: Pitch black, neck-length and covered in sea-salt.
Eyes: Dark green.
Height: 6'4"
Race/Species: Sand elf.
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: The athetlic build of one who works all day. An old, deep scar runs from under his left eye, over his nose and across his right cheek. He has several piercings along both ears.
Beliefs/Religion: Walks the line between agnostic and athiest while paying appropriate respect to patron deities of the sea.
Temperament: Cunning, Clever, Vicious, Greedy, Selfish, Conceited, Intelligent, Sharp-tongued, Dogmatic, Creative, Responsible, Hard-working, Dishonest, Possessive
Career: Captain of the pirate ship The Leviathan.
Likes: Wealth, Material Possessions, Women, Sailing, Fighting, Lollipops and Fruit Candies, Counting Coins, Working, Chess, Curry, Independence, Drinking, Infamy
Dislikes: Laws, Poverty, His Family - especially his parents, Sharing, Laziness, Privateers
Natural Talents: A born leader, Dae can successfully exercise authority over almost anyone he chooses - preferring to use cruelty and/or fear. He is a very skilled liar and is surprisingly stealthy when he wants to be. He's very good at thinking on his feet and in high-stress situations, making him an excellent captain. He prefers to use a rapier in swordplay and practices a dexterous style rather than one of brute force; he also has a dangerous throwing arm, especially when using a boomerang. Very mathematically-minded, he can quickly solve complex equations and appraise something's monetary worth in his head.
Background: Dae was on his own from a very young age after saving ((and consequently stranding)) himself and an infant Minya in the desert. He became infatuated with the sea and the idea of sailing and so when Minya and he were old enough, they became cabin boys on a pirate ship. He would go on to mutiny the captain and take the ship for his own, renaming it The Leviathan and securing his position as its captain through muscle and fast-talking. Through cunning and cruelty, he made a name for himself and came to work for Oline Salka, specializing in smuggling and illegal trading. As a result of a messy relationship and botched summoning, he now has a vicious scar on his face and a devil on his heels.
Mammon: Dae is the incarnation of this archdevil. Mammon was one of the seven devils to lead the fall from Heaven, claiming the third layer of Hell for himself. He built there his gold-and-jewel encrusted palace of Dis, surrounded by an ocean of blistering oil. He is responsible for all the greed in the world, egging on every ill-gotten gain that inevitably comes into his halls. His symbol is a handful of coins, the likes of which fall from him to the ground whenever he moves. He ensnared in his palace the archangel Cassiel, finding her to be the most precious treasure he could ever possess.

Partner: Antha Taulka, the quartermaster on board The Enoch. Of both crew they were the first to come into contact without malice but the last to actually complete their relationship. Antha was originally useful to him in the exchange of trade routes, maps and papers either he or Malta had possession of. She fascinated him and he wanted her for his own, so he kept calling her back. There is a fine, often indistinguishable line between how he thinks of her, either as a treasure to own or a companion to confide in.

Siblings: Three. He has an older sister, Lith, an older brother, Ndu, and a younger brother, Kuune. He also considers Minya Maa to be his brother, although they bear no blood relation.

Friends/Allies: Minya Maa ((his oldest, closest friend and first mate)), Oline Salka ((a mafia queen and his employer)), Fallaner en’Litse ((his second mate, cook and healer)), Quenta Kiirar ((The Enoch’s first mate)), Turytura and Gilie Raumo ((sister and brother, his weapons master and navigator)), Ataque Ture ((ship's carpenter)), Sul Arrna ((ship's windbringer ... more an ally than friend)), Dina Raumo ((information line and Oline's consort))

Enemies: Malta Tiris ((Captain of the Enoch)), Dhar Hadeon ((a business man who opposes Oline)), Elyoc ((the devil hounding him)), and a list of countless other privateers and pirates.

Dae belongs to Yami-Caffeine, Antha to me!
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