App Insane Mansion: Embla Picture

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Name: Embla
Age: 15
Species: Forest Nymph

Personality: Embla is a very complicated, yet simple being. She is very timid, and doesn't talk to a person if they haven't been in her presence for a while. When she first sees you she will stare. A lot. Like a little child that haven't learned not to stare at people yet. Then, if you try to touch her or come too close, she'll back off or turn away, maybe even leave. But, for some reason she finds it easier to be around boys. Especially if they remind her of someone she calls Ask. You'll find her mainly in the forest, dancing around and singing improvised songs, all based of her mood. Which she does a lot, it's her way of expressing herself. Any second, in the middle of talking to someone, she'll go off singing something, then start talking again. If you even get close enough to talk to her. She's a little hard to "catch", like the nymphs in the old stories.
She also believes that she lives in the Norse Mythology, her name coming from the first human woman. The first man, Ask, is someone she talk a lot about, as if she used to know him. She also talks a lot about the old gods and other creatures from the Norse beliefs. Everything she says might not be correct though, as she's mainly making everything up in her head.

History: Embla was born in an ordinary family, with a mother, a father and a little brother. She was just like any other kid, liked animals and music. But then something happened, something that she won't talk about, at least not clearly. Sometimes she doesn't even seem to know herself what it was. But she watched her whole family being killed. Brutally. With blood stains all over her legs she ran out into the forest, with only one shoe, which she later hung over her shoulder like a bag. Completely traumatized from what happened, she started to believe that the stories her mother used to tell her, about the old gods, were true, and that she was a part of it. She started believing that she was Embla the first woman, completely connected to Ask, who she misses a lot.
Singing and dancing around in the forest, she eventually started seeing herself as a part of it.

((P.s: The logo is a leaf of an Elm, which is the tree the first woman is created from, and therefore what her name means. Ask means Ash tree, which is what he was made from, and also is what the tree of life, Yggdrasil, is.))
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