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Full Name: Sol’leks Giliath
Nickname(s): The Stargazer
Gender: Male
Age: He has a tendency that for a laugh he never tells anyone the same age. But 150 or about 23 human years is where he sits.
Birthday: October 8th, Libra
Hair: Vibrant blue- shoulder length and usually in a half ponytail.
Eyes: Blind in his right eye, blue like his hair in the left. He sometimes wears a blindfold over them.
Height: 6'0"
Race/Species: Moon Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Skinny and long limbed, he’s covered in astrological tattoo’s and piercing. He has a total of 9 piercing going up each ear, two in his left eyebrow, right side of his nose, on each hip bone, both nipples and belly button.
Beliefs/Religion: The Moonbow - the goddess of diviners. He’s also a practicing and skilled astrologer.
Temperament: Friendly, Musical, Open, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Generous, Cooperative, Mediator, Strong Beliefs, Fair, Uncommiting, Temperamental, Romantic, Indecisive, Flirtatious, Playful, Foresighted.
Career: The Navigator for the Enoch. He’s also a well know singer when on shore.
Likes: Music, stars, astrology, divining, mystical things, collecting interesting trinkets, grapes, blue, body art, dancing, socializing.
Dislikes: Greedy people, Unnecessary cruelty, Closed mindedness, Unbeliever, Faithlessness, Discouragement, Injustice, Undue Credit.
Natural Talents: Sol’leks is a well practiced mage with his specialty in star reading and divining. He’s very gifted at being able to see the future and ‘see’ even while mostly blind. He also has a perchance to singing and will often record his prophesies in the form of song. Not being able to see well, he favors painting his spells as glyphs he can trigger on to his legs and the tattoo free parts of his arms, rather than read them from a book.
Background: Sol'leks was born in the same moon elven town his cousin, who everyone now calls 'Amaia', was. He was raised by his aunt, Amaia's mother, as her own, raising them as brothers because both his parents weren't exactly responsible. She trained him to be a talented star reader and diviner like herself. He lost his right eye to a wolf when he was young, protecting his brother, he is now mostly unable to see. This is because his years of stargazing have left him extremely far sighted, and while he can see the sky and very distant things with pin point accuracy, he can not discern anything closer than 20 ft. He sometimes wears a blindfold, preferring to be utterly blind than confused by blurry colors. After the drow raids which left most of the moon elves scattered and divided from their families, he went to sea as a navigator with the few remaining moon elves. Later he'd be tapped by Malta Tiris as the incarnation of Anahel - the angel of Liberality.
Anahel: The angel Sol’leks is the incarnation of. Anahel is known as the “Just One” and “The Lord Master of Time and Space,” He is the angel responsible for the movement of the stars, fate and destiny. He both the youngest and oldest of angels because of his ability to warp time - appearing as anything from a young youth to an old man. It is said he gave up his right eye to god for his ability to be able to see ‘all things past and future’ as God does. He was also the angel that ruled the heaven of Sagun that had aspects of both a celestial paradise and an icy hell where the souls who resided could be appropriately punished then rewarded for events in their lives. It’s said this ice portion of his heaven is where the demon Leviathan resides. His symbol is a set of balance scales.

Partner: Minya Maa, One would think that a person as good natured, light hearted and fairness oriented wouldn’t see eye to eye with the chaotic Minya at all - but to the opposite, he absolutely adores him. Loosing his sight rapidly, he finds a great companion and teacher in the fully blind Minya as well as someone he feels worthy of admiration. Unlike most people, he is not afraid of Minya and finds him very fun to be around, finding ways of entertaining him without him causing trouble. His generosity and sympathy make his one of the few able to control Minya, being able to calm him rather quickly.

Siblings: Amaia - While he finds his broody and mysterious brother rather stiff there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Sol’leks adores him and vice versa. He is a guiding figure to Amaia, who values Sol’leks ability to stargazer and understand the emotions of other people. A trait Amaia lacks on occasion. He often appears protective of the blonde despite appearing shorter, smaller and younger possibly because of how he lost his eye.

Friends/Allies: Lekmee Neithan ((One of the moon elves Sol’leks left with, now also a crew member of the Enoch)) Quenta Kiirar ((The Enoch’s First Mate, These two are very close)) Malta Tiris ((Captain of the Enoch)), Lote Narwa ((The ships second mate)), Amaia ((Brother)), Isilme Khelek ((Brother in-law)), Antha Taulka ((The ships Quarter Master))

Enemies: Dae Lanta: Dae and Sol’leks have had a long standing hatred for each other. Sol’leks sees him as an obstinate, selfish prick and usually points a finger at him for why Minya acts so spoiled. Like wise Dae finds Sol’leks to be flighty and shallow often attacking his flamboyant nature as ‘fruity’. They will often get into intense arguments, mostly over Minya and occasionally Antha.

Full Name: Minya Maa
Nickname(s): The Leviathan
Gender: Male
Age: 142, physically appears around 24-ish
Birthday: June 10th, Gemini
Hair: Pitch black, kept messy at shoulder-length and in his eyes. Two collarbone-length braids in front.
Eyes: Blind. Born a dark green, now a milky off-white.
Height: 6'1"
Race/Species: Sand Elf
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Solidly built, but it's all in strong, lean muscle. Manages to look lanky in the way he moves. Three piercings in each ear, two long dangling earrings in his earlobes and four small gold hoops near the tips. Has innumerous small scratches on his arms and shoulders from owning an osprey. Several areas of his body have deep scars, on his shoulders and upper arms as well as the right side of his torso.
Beliefs/Religion: Follows Dae in being agnostic/athiest, but pays appropriate respect to sea deities. Is especially fond of the serpent, the Leviathan.
Temperament: Envious, Off His Head, Chaotic, Unpredictable, Unnerving, Energetic, Temperamental, Musical, Impatient, Inquisitive, Abrasive, Enthusiastic, Wild
Career: First Mate of the Leviathan
Likes: Sailing, music, playing percussion, trinkets that make noise, animals, swimming, dancing, picking fights, mocking/teasing/provoking people, oranges, compliments, attention
Dislikes: Being negatively compared to others, compliments given to others, high winds, being left out or taken for granted
Natural Talents: Minya is a very high-functioning blind person. In lieu of his sight, his other senses have heightened greatly to compensate. His sense of smell is uncanny and his hearing is also quite good; it's difficult to deceive him and he is a fantastic eavesdropper. He is exceptionally skilled at using a double-bladed crescent scythe and often leaps into the fray with what appears to be reckless abandon. He's honed a talent for mimickry, anything from birds to people to weapons clashing. Most people are either wary or afraid of him and he takes every advantage of that, using it frequently as a scare tactic.
Background: Minya only had Dae to depend on from infancy, during which time his sight was rapidly deteriorating. He doesn't remember being able to see anything other than blackness and as such, has found ways to make it through life without sight. He was raised by Dae and was swept up in his infatuation for the sea and sailing. He boarded a ship with Dae when the other boy won them a position as cabin boys, and the abuse he received eventually spurred the mutiny Dae led. Dae renamed the ship in honour of Minya, who he considered his little brother. He has proven to be an irreplaceable first mate and still sails the world on the same ship, recognized as the incarnation of the sea serpent, Leviathan.
The Leviathan: Minya is the incarnation of this demonic sea serpent. The volatile great serpent, the epitome of chaos, whose body is long enough to encircle the world several times over. He was once an angel who became enthralled with the fall from Heaven, taking up residence in the Hells with his fellow archdevils. The other devils, save Mammon, feared his chaotic, craving nature and trapped him in a wasteland Hell of deep ice, where all those who fall prey to the sin of Envy are sentenced. He is sightless, his eyes sewn shut by none other than God, though it is uncertain whether this was an act of punishment or not.

Partner: Sol'leks Giliath. Few are able to truly understand Minya, perhaps Dae was the only one up until he met The Enoch's navigator. He finds great solace in Sol'leks, the only other person he knows who has anything close to blindness. He is both energized and calmed by Sol'leks, able to communicate with him on a level that he can't with anyone else. Sol'leks is the only one he knows who can keep up with his boundless craziness and is not afraid of him, something that he had only previously found in Dae.

Siblings: Ruukina, his older sister. They have only briefly met a few times as she still lives in the desert. He and Dae share no blood relation, but he considers him his older brother and looks up to him like no one else.

Friends/Allies: Dae Lanta ((his oldest, closest friend and captain)), Elea ((his long-time osprey companion)), Oline Salka ((a mafia queen and his employer)), Fallaner en’Litse ((his second mate, cook and healer)), Turytura and Gilie Raumo ((sister and brother, his weapons master and navigator)), Ataque Ture ((ship's carpenter)), Sul Arrna ((ship's windbringer))

Enemies: Malta Tiris - the captain of The Enoch. Dislike originally spawned by Dae's own hatred, Minya and Malta rub the wrong way all the time. Minya takes every advantage he can of Malta's giving nature.
Elyoc - the devil hounding Dae.
Antha Taulka - Dae's consort. Minya despises her for garnering Dae's affection and never misses a chance to remind her.

Minya belongs to =yami-caffeine and Sol'leks belongs to me XD
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