Ash and Embla Picture

Here's the two first humans in Northern mythology.. (well perhaps not originally in anthro ^^)

They were called Ash and Embla, (Ash and Brich) who one day were washed up on a shore. Odin, The one eye, The Allfather, the Gray found the two pieces of driftwood and started to carv them into a man and a woman. He made them for eachother and they became the first humans to walk on Middle Earth's beautiful landscape. They became a symbol of love and of the equal importance of the two genders. Ash was the solid and strong, a symbol of currage and wisdome. Birch is the tree of life and one of the strongest runes. She is beautiful and hardy with a mind of those thing that Ash lack. They cannot be without eachother.
Odin were so tuoched by his creation and of the world they plowed and harvested that he offered them a place in Asgard when they died. The brave who died in battle were placed in odins private army, which feasted every night and trained in the art of battle. The beautiful and loving were placed in under Freyas care. They were given a life of love and lust witghout remorse or regret. The just and honest, who died of age sickness or injury, were given farms gardens by the florishing woods outside Asgards walls. Where they could live a life in peace and harmony, after their long and hard life.

The ones wo had lived a life in cowardice lies and racket...... they were placed in Niphelheim. Hel's realm. They were doomed to an undead life in dirt, mud and cold water. Coverd in bugs and parasites. Forever starving and forever thirsting.. Hel, the woman with two faces, could be both grim and brutal, and yet smiling and forgiving at some times.

For those who have red things different: There are no "bible" of the old norse mythology. It lives on through people and speach. And it can thereby be translated in many different ways. The goal with Asa-faith (norse mythology) is not to "save" people into salvation. It's about "be a decent person and think befor you act!" And it's up to every single person to have their own view of it all.

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