Attis Picture

I thought I'd do something a bit seasonal here. Throughout the ages, there have been many festivals celebrating the rebirth of the world at this time of the year, when spring is in full swing. One of these festivals was centered around Attis, a character from Roman mythology who appears in King's Quest VII.

However, the Attis in KQ7 bears very little resemblance to the mythical figure he is based on. He isn't married to Ceres, he isn't depicted as a "Lord of the Hunt" in any of the stories about him I've seen, either. However, his Wikipedia does state that he was a handsome man with long hair, so at least they got that part of his character right.

I noticed that Attis' design sheet showed him with leaves in his hair. It's hard to tell if he actually does in the game, but decided to stick the leaves in anyway. I had also planned on giving this picture a simple flat or gradient background...I guess I got a bit carried away.

Incidentally, the "real" Attis has a very, shall we say, "interesting" history, and I can see why virtually none of it is touched on in KQ7, given just how "interesting" some parts of it get.

Also: Ironically, one version of Attis' story has him changing into a tree when he dies. Pretty ironic, given that Ceres is turned into a tree in KQ7.
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