The dance of Fu-Ferah Picture

Fu-Ferah is a monster that haunts my dreams and sometimes insists that I draw or write about it. I did not intend to enter it in this contest (Your Character Contest [link] ). Actually, I wanted to enter someone else, but it threatened to gnaw holes into my head and turn my brain into a sponge if I didn't. So, here it is.

Name: It is called “Fu-Ferah,” but its true name is a one-thousand-syllable incantation of which “fu-ferah” are the first and final syllables. What that incantation causes has been forgotten through time, but it is thought to be a summoning spell of sorts, or a spell of chaos calling upon the creature to take apart and remake the world.

Species: Demon beast / god / idol

Age: Unknown. Its name is mentioned in various texts across history.

Associated color: red

Associated objects: Blades, chains, fans, drums

This unpredictable creature is an intelligent entity capable of speech, but usually it does not talk directly to those to whom it has something to communicate. It prefers communication through dreams or, on occasion, telepathy. Its telepathic voice is haunting and difficult to disobey. It is thought that Fu-Ferah has some power over the will of those it speaks to (for example, the artist, who tried to tell it, “You’re not a character. You’re a beast. You don’t have a personality. Let me enter someone else.” But did it listen? Nooo…
Judges, be warned. If it gets into your head and starts commanding you to vote for it, don’t acknowledge its presence. And make absolutely sure you don’t look it in the eye!)

Generally it is fairly harmless, mostly just a source of mischief and confusion, but according to legend it has remade the world twice, and could do so again if it willed. Those who utter its true name are said to hold power over it, and to be able to order it to employ chaos according to their whims, but whether this is true or not is unknown. Historian of mythology Trisha Wellington has compiled data about Fu-Ferah and is one of the few living people who has seen its physical manifestation and survived to speak of it. She recorded her experience in her journal. The following is an excerpt:

“I witnessed my colleague, Edward Komminy, utter a fragment of the incantation that we translated from the base of a small sculpture of Fu-Ferah. After the first one-hundred syllables were uttered, the cute creature-statue came to life. It waved its arms and smiled, and we felt it enter our minds and examine us. We heard the sound of laughter, and the statue went still.

“I thought we should leave it alone, for although it looked to be an adorable furry animal there was something sinister about it, but Komminy would not listen to me. I suspect he wanted to gain the power of Fu-Ferah for his own purposes. In retrospect I ought to have stopped him… he was a selfish, ambitious man and who knows what he would have done with such power. However, I was too weak-willed to argue with him. He insisted on rereading the incantation. He had hardly begun repeating its name for a second time when the statue turned from gold to flesh. Its fur was ever-changing, its horns flashing with lightning. Its hooves were black, then blood red. It smiled at us like a Cheshire cat.

“Komminy ordered it to take apart a rose and put it together again as a diamond, as a sort of test. Fu-Ferah did not answer, only started to do a sitting dance, waving its arms and tail. I cannot describe that dance with words. It pulled as from nowhere swords and knives, chains and fans and drums, and beat out a rhythm while juggling all of these things and whirling the chain into a series of circles. All the while the little demon grinned, its eyes tightly closed.

"Eventually, it rose to its feet. Then the dance truly began. Be warned when it rises! It threw knives, and reduced the rose to shreds. Its flung blades also scratched us, and though the injuries were slight, they never heal…

"Once it had destroyed the rose, its dance increased tempo. Then, slowly, its eyelids began to open. Brilliant light seeped out from under them. Never, ever meet Fu-Ferah’s stare! Never look into its eyes. If they are opening, run. It is a warning.

"I turned away and covered my face. Even then, I felt the light of its gaze wash over me. Somehow, I blacked out, but right before I lost consciousness I heard Komminy scream.

"When I woke, there was no sign of Komminy at all. The statue was in place as if it had never moved. There, on the ground where Komminy had stood, was a single rose made of diamond, but black as obsidian. Its insides seemed fractured. As I held it in the light, I could discern tiny speckles of red in it, like little droplets of blood. It is my belief that when Fu-Ferah remade the rose, it remade Komminy as part of it, and that is where the droplets came from…”

Fortunately, the incantation has been lost, so no one can summon Fu-Ferah into being. But, it still appears in dreams, and haunts people it seems to choose at random.
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