PL: Garuda concept Picture

So, I've seen some mythical bird concepts for filling PL and FFs: phoenixes, griffins, rocs, harpies... why not a garuda?

Myth-wise, Garuda is a large bird/bird man Vishnu rides. Yey mythology.
However, garuda symbolizes a warrior as well. Bird warriors :]

It'd be a nice addition to PL species variety :>

My idea of garuda is a "bird man", living in some sort of a warrior tribe. I based the appearance on an indian parrot.

Well, this one here is a concept of a character as well.

Full name: Vihr Redbeak
Age: Adult
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Garuda
Civil status: Freedom Flyer (?)
Team: ???

Vihr came to Warfang with a few other garuda survivors right before the Bloody Dawn. He was wounded by a darker on his way to the city, yet he managed to kill it and tore its tail blade as a trophy. He'd actually go to fight in BD, but he was too weak and other tribe members didn't let him, "what of a warrior if he can't even stand on his own".

Later, once he got better, he made a spear out of his trophy blade and joined the FFs.

Skills: a rather good (bird) vision, spear mastership, sharp claws, speed.

Height: about 2.5m (I had no place for a comparison)

Nope, I can't draw anthro, shudup
Xannador, pwease? ;_;
PL, FFs (c)
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