im real big fan of video games Picture

-its 2 photos put together-
i have 312 non downloaded non duplicated games, but in total downloaded and duplicated virtually and in hard copy versions i have 390 in total, and 26 systems, the games i have are :

Atari 2600:space invaders,pitfall,frogger,e.t.,pacman,pole position,defender,astroids,combat

NES:10 yard fight,american gladiators,arch rivals,astyanax,bases loaded,batman,castlevania II simon's quest,excite bike,hogan's ally,home alone,hoops,ice hockey,iron tank,magic jhonson's fast break,mlb,metroid,milons secret castle,nfl,ninja gaiden,north&south,operation wolf,pinfall,platoon,pro wrestling,raid on bungeling bay,ring king,seicross,super mario bros.,super mario bros./duck hunt,super mario bros 3,Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt & World Class Track Meet,tag team wrestling,tmnt,tmnt 2 the arcade game,tmnt the manhattan project,tetris,the ledgend of zelda,the simpsons bart vs the world,tiny toons 2,track&field 2,vollyball,wild gunman,yoshi,mega man 2 (duplicated carts)super mario bros. 3,super mario bros./duck hunt,kirby's adventure

SNES:donkey kong country,super mario kart,super mario world,toy story,super gameboy,battle toads/double dragon the ultimate team,bonkers,chuck rocks,family feud,frogger,indiana jone's,ken griffy jr. presents major league baseball,pac-man 2: the new adventures,plok,primal rage,super alferd chicken,super nes super scope 6,super star wars,tiny toon adventures: buster bust loose!,x zone,super mario world 2: yoshi's island(duplicated carts) super mario kart,super mario world

N64:1080 snowboarding,beatle adventure racing,buck bumble,donkey kong 64,fighter destiny,mario kart 64,mario party 1-2&3,mickey's speedway usa,mystical ninja starring goemon,namco museum 64,paper mario,pokemon snap,pokemon stadium 1&2,star fox 64,star wars episode 1 racer,super mario 64,super smash bros.,legend of zelda mangoras mask,legend of zelda ocarinaof time,tony hawk pro skater 1&2,wcw nwo revenge,wwf war zone,yoshi's story,top gear overdrive

GC:atv quad power raceing 2,cars,harvest moon magical melody,lego starwars,mario party 4-5&7,mario super star baseball,namco 50th anniversary,naruto clash of ninja,paper mario ttyd,pokemon colosseum,pokemon xd gale of darkness,shadow the hedgehog,sonic adventure 2 battle, sponge bob battle for bikini bottom,sponge bob lights camra pants,super smash bros. melee,super mario strikers,tony hawks american wasteland,x2 wolverine's revenge,legend of zelda wind waker,mario kart double dash,metroid prime,gba adapter,hitman 2 silent assassin,super mario sunshine

Wii:naruto clash of ninga revolution,nerf n-strike,super smash bros. brawl,wii fit,wii music,wii play,wii sports,wii sports resort,mario kart wii,new super mario bros. wii, Naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3,Tatsunoko vs capcom,sonic riders zero gravity,super mario galaixy 2,wii party,cabela's big game hunter 2010,summer sports paradise island,Mario party 8
(downloaded games)super mario bros.,super mario bros. 2,super mario bros: the lost levels,super mario bros. 3,megaman,megaman 2,megaman 3,megaman10,grilloff with ultra hand,pokemon ranch,defend our castle,kirby's adventure,super mario rpg,super smash brothers,super mario 64

Wii U:nintendoland

GB(Color):tetris,double dragon 3,bonk's revenge,defender/joust,pac-man,alleyway,super r.c. pro AM,choplifter 2,kirby's block party,dr.mario,spaceinvaders,metriod 2,tennis,yoshi,zoop,lion king,pokemon red-blue&yellow,pokemon gold& silver,super mario land 1&2,kirby's dreamland,loony toons carrot crazy,wheel of fortune,game and watch gallery 2,wario land 2,pokemon pinball,fist of the north star,donkey kong land 1&2,the legend of zelda links awakening,hamtaro ham hams unite,wrestlemania 2000,championship motocross 2001,tony hawk's pro skater 3,driver
(duplicated carts)tetris,yoshi,pokemon blue,pac-man

GBA(Micro/SP):mario kart super circuit,sponge bob super sponge/revenge of the flying dutchman,farly odd parents breakin da rules/sponge bob battle for bikini bottom,super mario bros. 3,cartoon network speedway,megaman battle network 4 blue moon,jurassic park 3,super mario world,sponge bob the movie,monster trucks, crouching tiger hidden dragon megaman battle network 6 cyber beast gregar,spyro orange,pokemon leaf green,rocket power beach bandits,the legend of zelda the minish cap,the legend of zelda link tot he past/ four swords,classic nes series zelda 2 the adventure of link,sonic advanced 3,jimmy neutron attack of the twonkies,namco museum,godzilla domination,ed edd n' eddyjaw breakers

DS,DS Light,DSI,3DS:nintendogs,super mario 64 ds,mario kart ds,mario party ds,sonic rush adventure,sponge bob creature from the krusty krab,gutar hero on tour,over the hedge,megaman star force pegus, transformers autobots-decepticons,pokemon pearl&diamond,metroid prime hunters first hunt,new super mario bros,Mario&Luigi bowsers inside story,pokemon heartgold &soul silver,wario ware diy,pokemon black&white,3ds ar cards,TMNT,starwars battlefront:elite squadron,legend of zelda phantom hourglass,lego starwars the complete saga,mario kart 7,super mario 3d land,spore hero arena,civilization revolution,age of empires mythologies
(duplicated cartrages)pokemon pearl,starwars battlefront:elite squadron
(downloaded games)3d classics:Exitebike,3d classics: xevious,armydefender,clubhouse games express:family favorites/card classics/strategy pack,game & watch donkey kong jr,dr.mario express,mario vs donkey kong minis march again,mixed messages,paper airplane chase,photo dojo,pokedex 3d,super mario bros,metroid,the legend of zelda,zelda 2 the adventure of link,donkey kong jr,yoshi,ice climber,nes open tournament golf,wrecking crew,ballon fight,zelda:four swords anniversary edition,f-zero maximum velocity,fire emblem:the sacred stones,kirby & the amazing mirror,mario kart super circuit,mario vs donkey kong,metroid fusion,wario land 4,wario ware inc.: mega microgame$,yoshi's island:super mario advance 3,the legend of zelda the minish cap,wario ware snapped,flipnote studio,mynotebook:blue/red/green,face raiders,swapnote,nintendo video,kirby's dreamland,art academy first semester,mario's picross,radar mission,metal torrent,picross,urban champion 3d, starship defense,donkey kong

Sega Master System:after burner,rockey,endouro racer

Sega Gensis versions 1&2:vectorman 1&2,tom and jerry frantic actoin,monoply,gargoyles,garfield cought in the act,goofys histarical history tour,world of illousions staring mickey and donald,ecco tides of time,the ooze,taz in eascape from mars,sonic 3d blast,decapattack,desert demolition,nba acton 95,the lion king,batman forever,mortal combat,aaahh! real monsters,tecmo super bowl,animaniacs,nfl 94,rbi baseball 94,sonic spinball,nfl quarterback club 96,sonic adventure 2,mighty morphing power rangers,x-men 2 clone wars,sonic&knuckles,tony la russa baseball,lotus 2 r.c.e.s,mario andretti racing,jack nicklaus power challenge golf,golden axe,sonic the hedgehog,maximum carnage

Sega Saturn:baku baku

Sega DreamCast:air force delta,sega bass fishing,fighting force 2,generator(playable bits and video clips),ncaa 2k2 collehe football road to the rose bowl,nfl 2k-1&2,nhl 2k,sonic adventure 1,tony hawks pro skater 3

Game Gear:sonic adventure 1&2,taz in escape from mars

Ps1:spyro year of the dragon,interactive cd 3&5,crash bandicoot warped,tomb raider 2&3,nascar 98,namco museum vol.3,american pool,gran turismo 2,tnn hardcore,the italian job,driver,motocross mania,rayman,army men sarge's heros(duplicate disc)namco museum vol.3

Ps2:call of duty:world at war final fronts,starwars battle front 2

Ps3:call of duty:modren warfare 1&2,dynasty warriors gundam 2,dragonball raging blast 1&2,transformers war for cybertron,3d dot game hero,borderlands,killzone2,naruto shippudin:ultimate ninja storm 2,call of duty:blackops,battlefield 3,medal of honor,call of duty:world at war, playstation all-stars
(downloaded games)infamous,wipeout,medal of honor frontline

Psp:worms open warfare,rock band unplugged,midnight club 3,starwars battlefron 2,final fantasy 7:crisis core,socom u.s. navy seals fireteam bravo,ghost rider,monster hunter freedom,midway arcade treasures extendedplay, mtx motortrax,prince of persia rival swords
(downloaded)killzone:liberation,modnation racers

Xbox(just the games atm):starwars battlefront,starwars the clone wars/tetris worlds

Xbox 360:banjo kazooie nuts a bolts,borderlands,call of duy:world at war,halo 3 odst,masseffect 2,redfaction guerrilla,guitar hero 3,halo 3

as for this pic i reupload a new one with the new systems later as i get them
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