James | OC Picture

Here's our favorite mystery man, with an Updated Bio!
At least this time around, you get to know him a little better (;


Age: Unknown (appears to be in his late teens, early twenties)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 145 lbs
Sex: Male
DOB: April 7
Species: Appears to be Human
Occupation: Unknown
Personality Traits:

  • Inexperienced; becomes flustered when a girl flirts with him
  • Looks tired, but is rather alert
  • Mysterious; seems like he appeared out of no where / not much is known about him
  • Quiet; speaks when spoken to or when he needs to say something / doesn’t chat idly
  • Reserved; doesn’t share much about himself except for casual likes and dislikes
  • Unbiased; prefers to view both sides of the coin before forming an opinion

Likes: Birds, Black & White Movies, Hats, Mythology, Reading, etc.

Dislikes: Loud People, Overly Colorful things, People trying to peek under his scarf, Violence, etc.

Weaknesses: Unknown, however he gets a bit emotional over Soap Operas

James is pretty much an enigma. No one really knows anything about him, where he’s from or who he really is. He appears when he wants to, and disappears before you realize it. He hangs around with Arista, Efrem and Rory and although he seems pretty standoffish to most people, whether he has other friends or knows other people is uncertain. Don’t get him wrong; it’s not that he doesn’t like people. His interests just seem to be…elsewhere.

James has a calm and patient attitude towards the shenanigans that always seem to take place. All the time. He’s rather brotherly towards Arista and Efrem, and tolerates Rory’s behavior (a little) more than Efrem does. The only time James acts unusually is when someone tries to peek at his face. He also only wears black and white clothes; it would be a sign of the Apocalypse if he were to wear color. James also suffers from insomnia, hence the bags and lazy look to his otherwise darling eyes.

And seriously, what the heck is under the scarf?


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