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Full Name: Unknown
Nick Name(s): Amaia, Azamaiadeth, Zadok, Young Melchizadok, Azure, Eil, Azure Blue, Amii, The Sardisian Ghost and many more.
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown. He appears as a man in his late 20's but it known to be much, much older.
Birthday: December 21, Capricorn
Hair: Long Golden Blonde
Eyes: Bright azure blue.
Height: 6'7"
Race/Species: Unknown. Apparently high elf with moon elf blood.
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Powerful and light - remenisent of bird of prey. Moon elf tribe markings on his face. A tattoo of a falcon killing a snake on his lower back. Two hoop earrings in each ear and a small stud at the top of each ear.
Beliefs/Religion: A follower of Shervrash and also a strong follower of the Elven Father or Great Falcon King Melchizadok.
Temperament: Cold, aloof, intimidating, reserved, quiet, calculating, practical, prudent, quick witted, well spoken, organized, tender, idealistic, passionate, a strong leader.
Career: Current Ruler of the Elven People. A position supposedly meant for him as he carries the tattoo of the Zadok family on his lower back. The people are very fond of him and his various campaigns and he takes great care in restoring prosperity to the people in the wake of the hard years before. He will continue to hold this position well up into the modern day with an elves long life span.
Likes: Swords, birds of prey, husky dogs, clear days, being comfortable and content, making money, numbers, knowing his responsibilities are met, knowing the people around him (especially Isilme) are safe and happy.
Dislikes: Being embarrassed, having to write rather than talk, feeling helpless, illness, drow, snakes, followers of Hessivex, bubbly people.
Natural Talents: Extremely skilled in using a Thinblade, the tradition weapon of the elves. He also can use a whip and prefers this to most ranged weapons. He’s apt at bird handling and is an immensely capable leader and ruler. He has some vampiric qualities, such as his eyes glowing golden when angry and fangs that he can bite with but unlike a vampire this ability seems to steal thoughts rather than cause damage. He is psychometric and can acquire information from items that have strong back stories. He also appears to be ageless and is known to be well double, maybe triple the age he appears but he is not an undead, his heart still beats and he still breaths. No one (except maybe Sol’leks) is actually quite sure just what sort of elf he is to be able to do this.
Background: In a nutshell, because it's long, complexed and strange. Half high elf, half moon elf of unknown origin and age. He is rumored to have been heavily involved in the Drow Wars even though they happened many years ago. He has been since then wandering most of Haera in scattered times and places. He was sometimes seen in the company of a Frost elf but she has since vanished from his presence. It IS known that he now sits in the thrown of the high elven people and serves as the Bael'norn guardian to one Isilme Khelek.

Spouse: Isilme Khelek (For more info see below). After having met Isilme Khelek the first time, the mysterious nameless blonde elf continued to drift and wander in and out of his path for several years. It was unknown weither her was an enemy or a friend. He would eventually give up the title of Keeper of the Temple of Shervrash to Isilme claiming only one of the last moon elves should be allowed to have that honor. After this the nameless elf was always nearby Isilme, a devoted protecter and lover. It was Isilme who dubbed him "Amaia" meaning Beautiful Husband, in admiration of his devotion. It was also for Isilme that Amaia reclaimed his birthright of the thrown in order to restore the home of the moon elves. They would go on to get married and live up to the modern day comforably.

Siblings: Sol'leks Giliath - [link] They are extremely close but Sol'leks wisely does not say much to others about his brother other than he really needs to 'lighten up'. They are often seen together and it’s no big secret Sol’leks uses his vast array of magic talents to help him out.

Friends/Allies: Fallaner en’Litse (advisor and doctor), Quenta Kiirar (Historian and record keeper), Sol’leks Giliath (Star Reader and brother), Ebony (Assassian - friend of Isilme and Aiko), Aiko Elda (Bladest… somewhat allies, they often don’t see eye to eye. A past lover and current friend of Isilme)

Enemies: Meth - [link] Another strange being having no name as well, at least at first. It became apparent later the being didn’t know his own name and took to calling himself ‘Meth’ as an obstruction of Amaia’s ruling title ‘Azamaiadeth’. The two in fact look incredibly alike and at first glance are hard to tell apart. On closer observation, Meth’s eyes are green and snake like, he is a bit taller, more lightly built and his hair is greying, his nails tend to be sharp and his skin hard and dry.
Meth is cruel, sadistic and incredibly chaotic. He’s been known to both interfere and aid in wars or plots simply to see the destruction in the outcome. It’s thought he is Haera’s current Destroyer, an avatar of the Death god Hessivex. He has been know on occasion to be seen with bat like wings but most of the time he is not. There is a rumour that they are twins, or brothers, but without knowing who either of them are its hard to say for sure. What is for sure is there is an unending hatred between them.

Full Name: Isilme Luin Khelek
Nickname(s): Moony, Silver, Moody Blues, The Archer
Gender: Male
Age: 139, with a physical appearance of being 24-ish.
Birthday: July 15th, Cancer
Hair: Short silver-white with long bangs.
Eyes: Left eye is a navy blue while the right is scarred a pale turquoise.
Height: 6'1"
Race/Species: Full-blooded moon elf.
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: A slight, lean build, more dexterous than strong. Moon elven tribal markings on his face. A chunk missing from the tip of his right ear.
Beliefs/Religion: A fiercely devout follower of Shevarash.
Temperament: Quiet, emotional, smart, shy, stubborn, sarcastic, quick-witted, organized, intuitive, moody, affectionate, cautious, imaginative, touchy.
Career: Current Regent of the Moon Elven people. The position was granted to him by King Valas as he was one of the last remaining moon elves in Haera. Even as acting ruler, he considers himself one of the people and prefers to work with them, not above them, in restoring and rebuilding the moon elven homeland.
Likes: Archery, snow, rain, cooking, dogs, hunting drow, food - especially sweets, sugar cookies, hot chocolate, being secure and safe, a good home, reading and writing, the stars and the moon.
Dislikes: Drow, heat and humidity, loud and/or crowded places, seafood, being in the limelight, insensitivity, messes, followers of Hessivex and most drow deities.
Natural Talents: Bears an innate skill for archery, especially when using a longbow. He prefers ranged combat to being in the fray and shoots with methodic precision. He has a limited capability for sorcery and often integrates magic into his archery. He's a talented writer, especially with fiction, and very good at cooking. An in-depth, practiced knowledge of drow society and behaviour is at his disposal and as such, he is an efficient, often merciless killer when it comes to dark elves.
Background: Born only a few decades before the Drow Wars to Celeb'loki and Rilma Khelek. He lost his parents along with almost his entire race as a result of the wars and lived on the road in the company of travelers for years afterward. He's spent most of his life traveling either with friends or by himself, with the exiled drow Morion on his heels almost all the way. In recent years, he proved integral in the cutting down of the drow population and restoration of his race's homeland.

Spouse: Amaia ((for more info see above)). Bumping into the blonde elf proved to be one of the best things he could've done; it seemed to connect their two paths for good and after years of brief meetings and lengthy rendezvous, Amaia passed on to him the Temple of Shevarash and the title of its Keeper. Seemingly in turn, he granted the blonde the nickname 'Amaia', his 'beautiful husband'. Devoted to each other as lovers and increasingly close friends, they took to the leadership of the elven race together. Isilme holds Amaia's soul around his neck in a pendant, guarding his lover's life with his own. They would go on to get married and live up to the modern day comfortably.

Siblings: None, Isilme is an only child.

Friends/Allies: Aiko Elda ((former lover and one of his best friends)), Ebony ((assassin and close friend)), Calen'loki ((martial sorceress and close friend)), Fallaner en’Litse ((doctor and Amaia's advisor)), Sol'leks Giliath ((star reader and Amaia's brother)), and many others.

Enemies: Morion Teken'ar - [link] A drow born as the first boy to a currently out-of-favour House. An accomplished raid leader, he was cast out as lame after losing sight in his left eye while heading the attack on Isilme's village. He harbours a deep-seated hatred for Isilme and craves revenge above anything else, as it was Isilme he lost his sight to. He is obessive to the point of infatuation, vindictive and extremely resentful. He has a knack for recognizing and remembering anyone who has slighted him and can hold a grudge for decades. True to his House, he is a skilled poisoner and finds great enjoyment in the use of toxins of all kinds.

Morwen Teken'ar - Morion's older sister, who also bears a strong hostility toward Isilme as well as Aiko.

Meth - Haera’s current Destroyer, an avatar of the Death god Hessivex ((for more info see above)).

Amaia belongs to me, Isilme to =yami-caffeine
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