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Name: Ushyo Jiruga (牛尾 ジルガ)

Nickname: Little Beast

Age: 328 years (looks like 20’s)

Race: Arrancar

Classification: Primera Espada

Fraçion: Nnoitra Jiruga

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Aspect of Death: carnage


Ushio is an authentic Arrancar, that is to say, she was not created by the Hogyoku like the Arrancar of the original story. She obtained her Arrancar powers after devouring a large number Shinigami lost in Hueco Mundo.
In appearance, Ushyo seems to be a girl calm and serene. It can sometimes be a bit naive and stupid. However, when it comes time to fight, it can become a whole new person, ready to slice everything in her way, friends or enemies, being trained to become a "killing machine".


After her death in the world of living, she returned to Hueco Mundo as a Hollow. Since then, she began to devour his fellow Hollows, passing from low level Hollow as Gillain, and finally as Ajuchas.
When she got her Arrancar powers, she continued to exterminate Hollow for not finishing in turn devour and thus disappear forever.

One day, when she is taken by surprise by a horde of Gillian, she was seriously injured. She managed to barely get by, then she did meet a man, Sosuke Aizen (before it does betray the soul souciety). She no longer had the strength to defend herself, she thought as she was being killed. But instead, he suggests her to join its ranks and form his first army. She becomes the Primera Espada.

When Aizen began to create Arrancars with the Hogyoku, she took under his wing Nnoitra as her Fraccion (before he enters the espada too). It was her who taught him to fight like he does in the anime. This two, training regularly together, started to consider themselves like brother and sister. As Ushyo, no longer remembering his name after his death, Nnoitra decided to adopt as a big sister and she then took the name of Jiruga. In memory of that day, they decided to wear the same bracelets on their wrists.

The fact that she is no longer part of the Espada is due to treason of Aizen, who massacred his first Espada to replace with those we know. Having got wind of this plan, she manages to escape just in time. But just before she ask Nnoitra to promise her that he will be become stronger and swore be revenged to Aizen the day she will be stronger enought.


Tres Cero: The cero of Ushyo looks like this: When it launches, the Cero is separated into three beams of reatsu that go into different directions to destabilize his opponent, and finally all come together on it.

Zampakuto:: Kimera

Resurrecion:: Her order release of her Zanpakutô is "Taberu Kimera" (Devours Chimera). At her Resurrecion, goat horns appear on his head and legs be covered by a brown fur ending in hoof of a goat. She also qaigned a tail in this form, this one ends by a snake face. Her mask disappears to her face and appear like large claws around her chest and waist to remind the chimera of Greek mythology: The lion legged goat and serpent's tail. [link]
In this form, his speed and strength are greatly increased and become more bloodthirsty than usual.

Garra de León: Each claw is capable of sending small reishi blade that rush towards the enemy at high vitesse.Elle can not control its trajectory due to the strength of the attack. Which explains why it does not use this attack often, preferring to fight in melee.

Cero Oscuras: Her Cero Oscuras has a dark red outline surrounds this Cero, like Ichigo'Getsuga


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