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uploading in scraps, because I don't want anything unfinished there >8/

As you can see, I have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO with her head-thingy..... and his hair is too flat at the front..... >8U

In case you are wondering:

On the left, is Sigyn.

Sigyn was, in Norse mythology, the wife of Loki, who bore him two sons, Narvi and Váli. Called the "child bride" she married Loki at an early age.

Her name according to some sources means: "Victory". Another spelling of Sigyn is "Sigunn". Another is Siguna.

Through the later trials that were set upon Loki, she stood by his side and remained loyal and faithful to him.

To the right is, as you probably have guessed already, Loki. The trickster, cunning and sly, the deceiver, harbinger of chaos and mayhem. He was bound to three rocks with the entrails of one of his sons, a venomous serpent dripping its' poison into his eyes, as a punishment for the death of Balder. (This trial his wife remained at his side, catching the venom in a basin until she has to go and empty it, only to return again)

This pic was inspired by the music I was listening to, and it made me remember how Sigyn remained faithful to him, and I thought that it would be nice if Loki loved her in earnest in return. So here you have a tender moment of these two.

this version of design of Loki and Sigyn are (c)
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