Wonder Woman Splash Picture

When I began the Heroine Prime Issue #1 I was asked will the actual art be available for Download. Well wait no longer my friends, as I will bring all five, with a breif explanation, and synopsis of the image.


Diana's eyes well up with tears as well as her mother's as they embrace, both weep as they know this may be the last time they ever be together again. "My mother, I promise....I will return one day...and bring you a Grandchild so you will never be alone again."


I feel like George Lucas as I followed up all my images with this turd. Well it's not a turd actually, it was the fact there wasn't suppose to be a fifth Chapter those I made this Splash image. So why is there a fifth Chapter?

If there is something that bothered me was the birth of Diana Themyscira. I have no problem with the clay story, and I think it was fitting, it is what made her special. If anything I wanted it out of the way. It would take years for this revelation, and what doesn't surprise me is that Diana never knew this, but the question of her birth never came up, nor seemed important, DC tried to place drama around it. Then again the Wonder Tot idea was a bit too much seeing how she was that rounded until the tournament and receiving the colors that Wonder Tot is wearing. So I wanted it out of the way so there won't be no lies between her, and her mother.

The Common fact DC to me has gone out of their way to make Hippolyta the ever so deceiving mother that want her way. The can't even settle on her hair color. I made the fifth chapter for her because I wanted all the tie in's dealt with, especially her sisters. I read aot of mythology to get this story for Hippolyta. If anything I can even say George Perez stayed within these lines the closest, as the Golden, Silver, and Bronze age did very little to reaffirm this. I stuck pretty well with parts of mythology from one telling over another, but in the end, Hippolyta survived which is a rare conclusion in the mythos.

But getting this out of the way seals this as part of her origins. Brian Azzerello brought this to me with his origins story that the Americanization of mythology is alive and well. For the facts that he brought us means that Wonder Woman is indeed Hercules. The Amazons are primitive, and for ever damned by the gods to do so because their Queen has broken her promise to the gods by having sex with a very unfaithful god (thus once again beguiling her trust to a man). The entire premise behind Paradise Island, the Amazons, and Wonder Woman was pretty much trashed by the third Issue. I promise not to do that so help me.

As for the image I just wanted to recapture the beauty, and strength, and the true image of the greatest Super Heroine in history.


Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, as strong as Hercules, and as swift as Hermes.

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