Passing Notebooks Picture

Today is my headvoice*'Nny's birthday once more, so I have once more drawn him a picchure. u.u He says I'm not to tell you how old he is today, except to say that this is the age he's staying for the rest of his life.

As usual, this has a story behind it. 'Nny was my first headvoice, back in fall 2001, and he was also the first of the small group that followed to start using his own handwriting to hold conversations with me in my notebooks during my classes. The initial instance of this didn't occur until February 2002, but that's probably just because I hadn't had a class quite as interesting-and-yet-dreadful as World Mythology until then. It was interesting because it ended up being about religious stories. It was dreadful because of the teacher, who hadn't even earned a full professorship yet but who was convinced she knew everything. Meanwhile, a lot of what she was teaching, I knew from World Religion and Religion III in high school. So, I didn't have to pay attention to her rantings. And 'Nny and I just sort of passed control of my right hand and my notebook back and forth and discussed the subject matter. It is a happy memory for us, of a peaceful time long past. I figure, this is how it would've looked if he'd actually been there, not just been a headvoice. Look how gleeful he is, and how I find him so amusing. 9.9

...what he's drawing in the notebook is an in-joke between me and him, and is analogous to an actual page in my World Myth notebook, which I still have. u.u That's also a real shirt I owned and wore a lot because it showed off how skinny my arms had gotten. ...........and yes, I did look just that sleep-deprived and wearing-of-really-dark-lipstick freshman year. 9.9;

ANYWAY, Happy Birthday, 'Nny-kun. You hideous old man, you.

JtHM (c) JCV
Headvoice*'Nny, and Myself (c) Meeeee
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