File 16: Bobo Picture

From an interview with Minerva the 50 meter tall woman:

"Bobo's alright. There were only two people in A51 that kept me sane, and one of 'em was that giant spider. Sometimes Clark would force me into the other kaiju's enclosures to test my combat skills. Bobo and I didn't fight. Sure, we made it look like we were fighting, but really we were just wrestling. I'd enter his canyon and he'd pop out of his little cave and scuttle right over to me and give me a big hug. I learned affection from that spider - which is more than I can say for the humans working there."

From the unpublished memoirs of J.C. Clark:

"The monster we named 'Arachne' was also from the Age of Monsters. I'm not particularly sure when it was discovered, but I do know that it never actually became public knowledge. It'd be a deadly creature if it wasn't cursed with an intolerably friendly disposition."

From the audiotape notes of Dr. Laura Westerna:

"Bobo is, like, this totally big spider! He's big, pink, and friendly, which is really weird considering he's an arachnid and a kaiju, neither of which are known for their sociability. I'm calling him a "he," but no-one's really determined his gender. There's a lot of weird things going on with his anatomy. Spiders generally don't have heads that are separate from their thorax, for example, but Bobo does. His anatomy has a lot in common with ants, in fact, which has led some to assume he might be related to those spiders whose forms imitate ants (I forget what they're called - arachnids aren't my specialty). But, like, I don't think he's descended from them. Given his propensity for jumping, curiosity, and sociable nature, Bobo seems more like a jumping spider to me. There's a lot of research still needed on him.

"Regardless, Bobo's one of my favorite kaiju. That may not be a real professional thing to say, but screw it, he is. He's a big pink spider that likes to play with other monsters! What's not to like? The scientists who discovered him tried to give him the name "Arachne," but that totally doesn't fit him. Sure, it fit with their 'Greek mythology' theme naming, but on top of being the most cliche thing EVER to call a spider, it's far too formal and ominous for such a friendly little guy! Err, big guy. Minerva even agreed with me. So for all of you who want him to have a more 'distinguish moniker,' I apologize, but Bobo's here to stay."

Character Alignment: Chaotic Good
Team Affiliations: Area 51 Inmates, Big Bugs, First Age of Monsters Survivors
Episode Appearances: Assault on Area 51, Invasion from Beyond Space
Personality: Bobo is quite possibly the friendliest kaiju known to man. Incredibly affectionate to every creature it meets, Bobo will often try to play with its fellow kaiju in various games of its own design. It uses it webbing to create elaborate playgrounds more often than deadly traps, and has taken a particular shine to Tyrantor the juvenile Tyrannopyrodon giganticus. There are few creatures it is not pleasant towards - namely, Achilles and the myrmidons, whose aggressive nature (and resemblance to his ancestor's natural prey items) triggers Bobo's generally subdued predatorial tendencies.


Bobo's up! I didn't want to edit his design too much. A part of me wanted to make him look more spidery - make his head part of his thorax, add some more eyes, etc. See, Bobo's supposed to be a huge aversion/subversion of the "spiders are EVIL" trope, and that's kind of undercut by the fact that his head and body look more like an ant's than a spider's (since ants are generally regarded as cute as opposed to creepy - or at least significantly moreso than spiders are). But Bobo originated as a chimeric mishmash of spider, lizard, cat, and ant/bee. Removing his neck would be too big of a step away from his roots. So the neck and ant-like head stay. He's still very spidery anyway, so it's not a huge deal.

The few changes I made were really minor. I gave his legs a lot more bulk to make him more structurally sound, toned down his spikey-ness, and gave him cute little hands on his arms (spiders and other arachnids actually have ten limbs, by the bye - only eight of them are legs). I also changes his color scheme a bit, removing the yellow on his legs and replacing it with a different shade of pink. The result is a color scheme that reminds me of bubble gum or taffy - which really works for Bobo.

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