Kentaro the Kir'rin Picture

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Name: Kentaro
Gender: Kir (stallion)
Breed: Kir'rin (and the like)
Build: Stag-like
Age: Unknown
Height: 16 Hands
Color: Multicolored (blue, red, gold, black, white etc)
Markings: See picture, He has flames on his legs and back (flaming wings)
Discipline: Divinity (He gets to hang out with Abathia and be all godly)
Passible Traits: Divine Blood (Most of the things attributed to Kir'rin, Ki'in, Sin-loo and whatever other Asian Unicorns can be passed as he has all their qualities), Coloration 60%, horn 70%
Sire/Dam: Unknown
Bloodlines: Starter
Offspring: None Yet
For stud/lease: Yes. My policy is that you note me to make arrangements. If you are leasing one of my mares, you draw the breeding picture and foal. If you are using one of my studs and approach me, you are drawing the breeding picture and foal. I have the right to refuse any breeding, but don't take it personal
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