Stamp: I Read BANNED Books Picture

"Censorship ends in logical completeness when nobody is allowed to read any books, except the books that nobody reads..."

As long as there have been books, there have been people opposed to what is said in some of those books. Authors who challenge the accepted norms in their literature are often the target of people who do not understand or appreciate them. Censorship, I feel, in all forms must be opposed. Everyone should have the right to freely read and write whatever they want and whenever they want.

As an unabashed lover and collector of books, I have worked at bookstores, I have personally volunteered my services in public libraries, both in high school and college, I have assisted students in literary assignments, I have ranted over my younger cousins' lists for reading classes, and I have attended several Banned Books functions — "Banned Books Week" was passed back in 2011, but before then they were "Banned Books Day" — to have personally seen the removal of many of these books from many libraries, many bookstores, and many more schoolrooms. I have seem them placed everywhere, from adults-only glass cases to trash cans to public book-burnings, where free access is simply not permitted, and I wept every time a new book, no matter what it is, is pulled...

Help stop censorship by reading a banned book today! Celebrate your freedom to read!

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