''The King of Plague'' Picture

I've recently been inspired to bring this guy back after his very brief and unmemorable preview. Also changed his outfit to be a little more fitting and messed with his hair a bit. And holy balls I actually managed to do this all in one day, what is this. And what the heck is anatomy.

Bio's subject to change cause my memory for AoE is poop. And my creativity is also poop.


● Name: Illuyanka Eurynome
● Age: --
● D.O.B: --

● Race: Demon
● Gender: Male
● Eyes: Bright Purple
● Hair: Red
● Height: 187cm

● Affiliation: Demons

● Personality: Illuyanka's personality is very two-sided, one easygoing with eccentric bouts, the other hostile and crude, depending on where he is and what he's doing at the given time. But for the most part, he's rather laid back.

● Story: Illuyanka and his familiar cause havoc in the city streets as he aimlessly wanders about in search of the True Cross Academy. There, he demands to meet the supposed Son of Satan, and challenges him to a fight on a whim to determine whether to bring him back to Gehena or dispose of him. His familiar, a large komodo dragon by the name of Lilith, had been the cause for the numerous grotesque deaths and disappearances of citizens in the city days prior to his arrival, as an attempt to draw the Exorcists away and thin out Rin's protection. The battle is short lived after Mephisto's impeccable timing, in which Illuyanka immediately flees the scene, leaving Rin more or less in a tizzy. Later that same eveing, he is escorted by Amaimon to seek Mephisto's counsel, in which he explains of his reasoning for traversing to Assiah, and gives warning that the demon encounters that Rin will inevitably face may become even more frequent.

● Involvement: After his first encounter with Rin, he continues to keep a close watch on him while in hiding within True Cross Academy under Mephisto's protection.

● Quote: "You would rid a blinding man of his only way left to see? You truly are a demon."

● VA
- English: --
- Japanese: Yuya Matsushita

● ● TRIVIA ● ●
► He tends to be rather lethargic and can oversleep easily just by sunbathing alone.
► His favorite snacks are dark chocolate and vanilla wafers.
► He'll eat just about anything that includes meat, whether raw or cooked, and will openly eat even the most unfavorable of meals, given that he has very few taste buds.
► He constantly licks his lips or flicks his long, forked tongue at the air to detect taste and smell stimuli that also aids his navigation, specifically in the dark.
► He's not very comfortable with seeing, or talking about, the condition of his "disease" and his deteriorating senses, and isn't too keen on being touched on either covered arm.
► Illuyanka naturally has demonic strength, as well as the ability to adjust his saliva into a blood-tinged corrosive acid.
► The scales on his left arm and right side of his face act as sensory plaques that assist his sense of touch.
► He has poor visual discrimination of stationary objects and his sense of hearing is not very acute.
► His sense of smell is also poor.

► Name Origin:
- Illuyanka (Hittite mythology): A serpentine dragon slain by Teshub, the Sky God. | A serpentine dragon who took the eyes and heart of Teshub, the Sky God.
- Eurynome (modern Demonology): A demon belonging to a higher order, the Prince of Death. | Superior demon who feeds on corpses.

AoE © Kazue Kato
Illuyanka © ~pudgybat
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