Hoichi Tenome OC Picture

She is my new OC. She is NOT a shinobi, and she is not supposed to be scary looking o_o...Sorry if she comes off as scary, she is quite nice...

Village: Takigakure (Waterfall) Although she is from a hidden village, she considers herself entirely neutral. She has been gone from the village for 9 years to play as a travelling storyteller, with the consent of the village.
Partner: Higosha. She is a trained shinobi horse from Takigakure sent to protect her if needed.

Blood Type: A
Age: 29
Birthday: March 12th (Pisces)

Job: She is a travelling biwa player that tells folklore around the world. She is also an oracle as she can somewhat foretell the future, though she cannot describe it in shapes nor who she is seeing. She was born blind and cannot comprehend shapes or color.
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: To the floor, but tied upwards
Eye Color: Uh. None...she has no eyeballs.
Clothing: She wears a formal Japanese styled clothing because she is a travelling performer, and she likes to appeal to the crowd. She usually wears a blindfold to cover her eyes to not scare people away.

Parents: Her mother was an oracle as well, but she stayed in the village. She died of natural causes years before Hoichi left the village. She was also blind, as all females in the family have no eyeballs. They are taken out at birth because of family tradition. Her father was killed as a shinobi on duty, though she doesn't really remember him much.

Personality: She is a good listener. She has a strong personality that will not weaken upon anyone, although she is fragile and cannot defend herself from physical attacks. She also considers herself to be of somewhat importance and of use, which she uses as a excuse for people not to kill her. She is sly and can avoid conflict. She is extremely disciplined, to the point to where she will chastise anyone for being rude or using bad manners. She has a very formal speech because of the way she tells her stories.

Food: She is vegetarian and cannot eat meat.
Hobbies: Playing the biwa and telling stories.

Hoichi the Earless (耳なし芳一 Mimi-nashi Hōichi) is the name of a tale and title character in an adaptation of Japanese mythology. He was a blind biwa player that told stories as well.
Tenome (手の目, eyes of hand, or rather eyes on hand) is a Japanese mythical creature. He is a man-like creature with its eyes not in its face, but in the palm of its hands. Although she doesn't have eyes on her hands, she does however use her hands like a blind person, feeling around as she walks.
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