Be Careful What You Wish For Picture

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***Anyway, this is a piece I did after watching all the "Wishmaster" movies one day. This is the bad guy of the story. The Gjinn.

Once in a time before time, God breathed life into the universe.

And the light gave birth to Angels, and the earth gave birth to Man.

And the fire gave birth to the Djinn, creatures condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds.

One who wakes the Djinn shall be given three wishes.

Upon the granting of the third, the unholy legions of the Djinn shall be fred upon the earth.

Fear one thing only in all that is...
Fear the Djinn.
Basicly, this demon is awaken by a women named Morgana. She's the "waker" and the Djinn must grant her three wishes before he can reign on earth and bring his race into this world. Before he can do this, however, he must charge the spell. Basicly, he needs to enslave 1001 souls. This is accomplished by granting a single wish to anyone in exchange for their soul. Be warned, he's no cute "Genie." For instance, one guy wishes to "walk pass the prison bars and out of prison." The Gjinn grants this wish. The guy is then thrown onto the bars by some invisible force. Basicly, he literally "GOES THROUGH" the bars. And seeings how he's dead, he has left prison....and gone straight to hell. Anyway, once all the souls have been gathered, the gjinn uses them to charge the Sacred Stone of Fire....what he once was contained in by a wizard over 900 years ago. (That's explained in the first movie). After that...all it takes is 3 wishes by his waker.....

Islamic demons were based on Jewish and Christian religions. These demons were headed by Iblis (the Devil) and the most common demon was known as a Djinn (demons of the desert). Genies are the most recognized form of Djinn. Djinn were known to be powerful, grant wishes, and have huge horns.

Djinn are powerful being of Arabian descent. They were believed to be created from smoke and fire. Legends of Solomon stated that he had captured several Gjinn through the use of a magic ring or taliman. Legend has it that around the time of Muhummad, the Gjinn divided into two groups...Those who would side with the Islamic people and those that turned to evil and became diabolical (what probably inspired the movie). This event in mythology is described as "The Choice." (me: They weren't very original...or maybe the translation makes it too simple.) Myth also states that a Gjinn can change it's appearance. In the movie...the Gjinn can take the form of a person. Myth also states that the Gjinn have extremely long lives and their powers increase with age.

Djinn would be bond by a Sahir. In order for the Gjinn to be bond, a talisman had to be created. The Sahir would also have to know the Gjinn's name and obtain a part of the demon in creating the talisman. The binding can last forever. Mythology states that there was one "secret" request that, if the Djinn were asked to do, would free the Gjinn and allow it to kill the person who made the wish.
Capturing a Djinn was more complicated than simply making a talisman. According to myth, the Sahir would first need to challenge the Djinn to some kind of competition. If the Sahir won, the Djinn would be bond to the talisman, which means he could be summoned by using the talisman, or the Djinn would be kept inside the object. Even this had set-backs. A captured Djinn is bond to the object, not the master. SO, basicly the Djinn could gain his freedom, kill its captor, etc. (This goes on for a while).

There's several more extensive mythology records and writting on the Gjinn.
Just thought that this would be of some interest. I thought it was.
~Thank you
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