He Hides in Your Backyard Picture

Most popularly known as the grass-wolf, this is the Scrunt, the enemy creature from one of my favorite movies, Lady in the Water.

I absolutely adore this beast, despite the fact it is evil. Not only is the design itself spectacular, but its mythology is just so magical. If I could integrate this creature into my fairy stories, I would. It is the perfect hunter-beast.

Here is the Scrunt mythology as it relates (or how I picture it to relate) to me:

Narfs aren't the only creatures Scrunts hunt. Fairy-kind are as equally endangered as Narfs are. The poison of a Scrunt's claws, in some ways, affect Fairies far more worse. One scratch, and the Fairy is forsaken of all memory. Two scratches, and instant paralysis occurs, preventing the Fairy from crying out or trying to flee. Three scratches, and death. No other creature has the power to kill a Fairy so easily as a Scrunt can.

But the Fairy is not completely defenseless from these most feared creatures, any more than Narfs are. Where Narfs have their protectors, Fairy-kind has the Vhlathrim. The term is not used anymore by any save the Fairy-kind themselves. In the beginning, when Fairy and mankind were still on friendly terms, several members of Man allowed themselves to be imbibed with the strength and spirit of the most powerful animal of the age. These Vhlathrim had cries that Scrunts could not tolerate, and the venom in their bites were fatal to the beasts.

Over time, Fairy and man grew apart, and the Vhlathrim's bloodlines became polluted and impure. Today, they are no more than monsters, worse even than Scrunts, completely sundered from their relationship with Fairies. But the old ways remained. No Scrunt will attempt an attack on a Fairy when a modern Vhlathrim is nearby.

Though these days, they just go by werewolves.

And yes, that story has something to do with my werewolf Sheba. But that's for another time.
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