HA: Kareem Picture

This be Kareem, the Egyptian Vulture based Kinnara!

Personality: He's a complete goofball, quite cheerful and carefree, and more than a bit childish. Loves a good meal, his mom, his dad, and the priests at the temple that feed them all sorts of yummy things.

Bad Habits: He tends to bump his head on doorways, rummages through trash without shame, has a generally bottomless appetite and is very curious about mammalian male private parts. owo;

Strengths: Uh...he can run pretty fast and has good magic potential? Oh, and he throws rocks really well!

Weaknesses: He's not exactly the strongest thing out there--better than a human but just barely--and chocolate makes him sick.

History/Reason for coming to HA: Now, Kareem could have gone through what normal Kinnara do when they come of age--go find a mate, raise a family, live a happy life eating carcasses and trash--but the thing is, he was missing one thing: the ability to fly. Not impressive to a potential mate.

Not for lack of trying, of course. But his wings were just too small. And his parents, well, didn't really notice or care (the doting things) until they tried actually kicking him out of the nest before the next mating season. Saddened, they went to the local priests for guidance, who said he had the gift of magic and if he could find a place to learn, he would gain the ability to fly.

Thus, Kareem traveled here from lands afar to come here~

It's a bit colder than he expected. :<

Creature: Kinnara--I oversimplified it up there. Basically, a Kinnara is a half-man half-bird (in Indian mythology they can also be half-horse instead of bird...and the males and females have slightly different names even in different cultures |D but...the general concept is the same) who are actually treated more like angels and gods than they are their physically closest counterparts, the Harpies.

Now, I'm stretching the mythology here--my version is a subspecies based off of an Egyptian Vulture, a bird so sacred in Ancient Egypt it was known as the "Pharaoh's Chicken". His behavior and the behavior of his species will mirror this real life bird much more closely. So Kareem and his family are hardly deities--they're just another bird-brained family living in relative peace, though they stay far, far away from most humans.
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