Speedgroup 13: WTFAvengers Sketches Picture

Just got back from vacation! So more Aphelion pages and whatnot should be coming soon.

Until then, here's a silly side project I started called "WTFAvengers". Redesigning the Avengers in my own weird style. Not necessarily improving them, just remaking them in a way that entertains me.

I am not doing the Justice League because the Animated JLU cartoon by Timm is already perfect as far as I am concerned.

A few background notes:
-No magic, but plenty of science that we don't understand.
-The in-universe explanation for the Fermi Paradox (why we can't find extraterrestrial intelligence) is that at a certain point advanced civilizations create super-intelligent devices called "Thinkers." And they always decide to go off somewhere else. This leaves behind the rest of the civilization, which often collapses but in some cases survives, with tools they cannot understand. This happened to the Asgardians.
-The Asgardians were originally part of an ancient human empire founded during the ice age (shades of Hyperborians here). They underwent their own industrial revolution and reached technologies far beyond our own. Unfortunately infighting and the ice age meant that this technology never left the empire, and when it did it caused massive disasters amongst less advanced peoples. After the empire’s infighting turned into a massive and destructive civil war, a peace treaty was established and separate factions went their own ways, with Earth being off limits. This treaty isn’t always followed and interactions with these advanced civilizations led to many of our mythologies. Currently, the Asgardians have forgotten some of their formerly great knowledge and have many unreproducible “artifacts.” Sadly, this means much of their technology is ritualized and seemingly “magical.”
-No mutants. I hate mutants.
-The government actually acts pretty smart here (yes, the most unrealistic thing here, I know). The Avengers are US government backed but only out of fear they'd otherwise oppose the government in certain cases. It's an uneasy situation at best. SHIELD is a military branch dedicated to dealing with the "weird." The Avengers and SHIELD sometimes work together, but not always.
-There's a lot less superhuman craziness in general. No mutants, no fantastic four, no spiderman. Instead there's more aliens and pulpy elements.

Now! Onto the Art!
Top Left:
Tony Stark was originally a billionaire tech leader (think Steve Jobs/Richard Branson). His father started Stark Enterprises, a Lockheed-esque defense contractor. Meanwhile Tony Stark was a genius with advanced artificial intelligence, making lots of money with AI systems. He started experimenting with repulsor technology, a way to apply force at a distance, but was severely injured when an experiment with building repulsor beams exploded, killing several of his close colleagues and destroying much of his body.
After descending into alcoholism due to guilt and depression, he pours money and effort into creating advanced facial reconstruction and smart artificial limbs, and gets back to work on the repulsor experiments. This time he involves Bruce Banner and Betty Ross, both genius particle physicists. They succeed and all three win Nobel prizes. Repulsors are currently used for fusion reactors and other niche jobs. He decides to “do good” (and maybe get lots of publicity) by creating an advanced exoskeleton and going on various adventures throughout the world. He has an uneasy relationship with the government, because he is often too popular to act against. Stark is a walking mass of contradictions, being a confident womanizer held together by metal and false bravado. He bankrolled the Avengers initiative, to placate the U.S. government and to study Thor and Bruce Banner out of curiosity.
The suit is powered by a repulsor fusion core with an AI active control system of his own devising, making it much more compact.

Top Middle:
Refining the Iron Man Suit. Since Tony Stark is pretty much just a torso, one arm, and a head (okay both heads, he’s very adamant that everyone knows he’s still “intact” down there) the appendages of the suit are entirely mechanical. He sits in the core.

Top Right:
Stephanie Rogers.
Yep. Stephanie. The super serum was originally created in Germany at the onset of WWII, one of the scientists involved sabotaged the German labs and fled to the US with a single treatment. Early tests indicated (there were animal tests, and Germany had super dogs throughout the war) that the serum was far more dangerous for men to take (which is why the Red Skull is nuts and had all his skin peel off).
At the same time Stephanie Rogers was attempting to disguise herself as man to enter service, even though she could barely walk due to a bout with Polio. She was arrested for falsifying information but was given the opportunity to try the one serum the US had in exchange for a pardon and being allowed to serve.
She was also given a recovered Asgardian artifact, a shield that seems impervious to damage. It weighs like 70 pounds and she tosses it around. Dayum.
The serum worked and she spent the entire war pretending she was a man. After the serum she was like 6 foot 5 inches and ripped so it wasn’t super hard, but still. She stuffed a lot of socks in her pants throughout the war.
Presumably the serum unlocks human potential but also disables the ability to procreate, which is why we never evolved anything like it. Not sure how much I want to hash out the science here.
She ended up in an iceberg at the end of the war and was unfrozen in the present. Unsurprisingly she signed right back up with the army and is used by them to keep watch on the Avengers.

Bottom Left:
In which Tony and Bruce are extremely nerdy.
“Okay, okay, no. I take it back Tony, this is a bad idea.”
“Nope. Too late. Gonna drop you at ground zero just like we planned, Shinji.”
“What. What did you just call me?”
“Are you seriously name dropping Evangelion? Are you seriously doing that right now?!”
“Are you crazy Tony?”
“That’s why I’m Asuka!”
“Holy shit no.”
“Hell, I’m even German.”
“And Vietnamese! Why am I even having this discussion?”
“Close enough. Anyways why do you think I painted all my armor red and yellow?”
“I am going to fall to my death and the last words I hear are going to be Tony Stark talking about anime. This is my life now.”
“Nearing the drop zone, you ready Shinji?”
“You know that series ends with Shinji strangling Asuka right?”
“That’s my boy! Now fight the angels!”

Stark dropped Banner.

Bottom Middle:
Bruce Banner, mid-transformation into the Hulk, taking out some frustrations on the Spetnaz sent to capture him. It's not pretty.
After the Nobel Prize Bruce and Betty started working with repulsor based particle colliders, becoming lead scientists at the HULC in Pennsylvania. HULC standing for Hadron mUon Linear Collider (It's a bit of a misnomer since it detects muons, and only collides hadrons, but the LHC was getting ready to sue if they named it the HLC).
After bumping up its power they try testing it, but it fails. Bruce and Betty start investigating it right within the collision section, and Bruce realizes the all safeties have failed and it's about to run. He pushes Betty out of the way (they're in loooooooooove) but gets a face full of relativistic particles.
He should have died, but instead starts changing right there into a green monster which runs away and rampages all the way up into Canada before he changes back.
Nobody knows why the heck he turns into the Hulk, which is infuriating for a physicist like him. Where is all that extra mass coming from?! China actually recreates the experiment with people and all they get is dead bodies. The Hulk is a mystery to everyone.

Bottom Right:
Fully transformed Hulk. The Hulk is, as far as anyone can tell, infinitely strong. Since it's so insanely powerful, it actually doesn't need all that much muscle mass. It's still huge and green and freaky though.
Plus a horrible starving monster fits in better with has backstory, which is that the Hulk is influenced by Bruce’s PTSD from when he hid starving in the forest for three days straight after his abusive father shot his mother in front of him. He is very very angry about that.
I also spaced his eyes far apart to make him look more childlike…except wrong. Y’see, this Hulk is smart but weirdly childlish. He’s obsessed with finding and maiming “bad people” out of revenge and an attempt to make sure no one else suffers like he did. He’s actually downright sadistic about it. Bruce had these thoughts but had the foresight to not act on them, the Hulk lacks that. This isn’t so bad but the Hulk also can get confused about who is “the bad guy” and tends to target people with guns. Even worse, on his best behavior he still doesn’t think too hard about collateral damage. He's not evil, and not a sociopath, he's just really damaged, overzealous, and can't always think straight. Around Betty and a few other people he's almost docile, but still creepy as hell.
The Hulk is only purposefully used when the air force is considering carpet bombing the area. Otherwise Bruce is on the Avengers with Betty as on-call scientists. Which is okay by me because I think Bruce and Betty are more interesting characters when human. Even if the Hulk is more fun to draw.

TLDR: I might be crazy.
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