The Test Picture

EDIT: We got him!

Horse Information

Name: ZM's Kosjtjej (immortal warrior from Russian mythology)
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Zakharov Sport Horse
Age: 3 y
Height: 1,72 - 1,80 m
Color: Silver bay
Genetics: Ee/Aa/Zz
Markings: Sock right hindleg, pastern left hindleg, partial coronet left foreleg, stripe

Possible passed down traits from both parents: Build (100%), Powerful and large movements (90%), Gentle & stable mentality (90%)

Sire/Dam: ZM's Szhigat' gimn / ZM's Hyndla
Zakharov line: Brat* (Pure line breeding)


When Robert Moore learned that the request, sent to Zakharov Stables by staff member Cadence Riddle, was accepted, he was thrilled. Being located on the farm for the Karelian Masters put him in perfect position to be able to try out the much anticipated stallion.

Kosjtjej looked like a dream. He acted like it too. Saddling was easy and the young man was anxious to hop on board. Though the farm was hoping for a new Show Jumper or Three Day Eventer, this one was too young to be tested over obstacles. It made no difference.

After setting up some poles on the ground, Robert was off with the brute.

Every stride felt effortless and he perched himself as Kosjtjej cantered over one of the poles without any reaction at all. He wasn't going to complain... not after riding his monstrous Trakehner in the Jumping class.

A flick of the wrist and they sprung into an extended canter, rider paying close attention to the responsiveness of his mount.

Two of his grooms stood by, watching the pair. When he finally reined in the stallion and hopped off, there was a wide grin on his face.

"I want him."

Sucky story, sorry
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