Kamen Rider Arochneus Picture

Kamen rider Arochneus

Iirai Gonzales, a half japanese half filipino rich man (at the age of 22) is struggling in his life to go and flap his own wings. He works at a carwash company thanks to the help of good man he now looks up to in order to become for himself. He's pretty flamboyant effeminite gay guy with no insecurities which scares some of his friends which he does only when they tease him for fun. But when he's at the safety of his own home, his secrets are revealed.

Suddenly kaijins known as Marrets (Marionette and Puppet) are wrecking havoc controlled by 13 main kaijins known as String masters. They make marrets out of dead human bodies only. The reason to their motives are unknown.

A company in the guise of a Toy store known as "Little Treasures" work in total secrecy. They invented a belt known as "Lyre Driver" in which the user must pull the pullstring handle *I dunno if I got it righ* from the driver and it will scream "Wind-up!". Like any rider, he would yell "henshin". Kamen rider Arochneus has the ability to fight and taunt his oppenents in order to defeat them. He can use his strings in which he can strangle/trap/ his opponents. *The strings come out from his fingertips* He can see thru the dark *even if his chrome eyes are black* By executing his rider kick he needs to pull the driver 2 times. He can also summon his karakuris (he has 2) to aide him. His name comes form the word Arachnia *spider* and Orpheus a greek mythology character a.ka. the master of strings.

By becoming Arcochneus, the story unfolds secrets about the occurence of the Marrets, The company, and his big secret to what made him today.
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