HH - Ichijou Joel Picture

★ Name | Ichijou Joel
★ Age | 16
★ Gender | Male
★ Date of Birth | June 20th
★ Star Sign | Gemini
★ Blood Type | A
★ Height | 180cm
★ Subject | Mythology
★ Homeroom | 2 . C
★ Club | Tech
★ Sport | Swimming
★ Likes & Dislikes
+ Old stories
+ Music
+ Old 8-bit and 16-bit games
+ Playing guitar
+ Staring a people walking by

- Pickles
- People that expect you must live life like theirs
- Sunburns

★ Personality
Creative | His mind races with new ideas all the time, helping him be an effective trouble solver.
Curious | His curiosity drives him to try to learn as much as possible from whatever catches his attention.
Friendly | He enjoys talking with people, getting to know them and keeping close connections.
Sly | Just as he enjoys talking with them, he also enjoys learning about them to one up them, trying to keep the upper hand for when the need arises.
Talkative | Once you get him started talking on the things he likes, it's not likely that he'll finish any time soon.
Reckless | Impulsive and rash in his decisions, he often leaps before thinking. Relying more often on his heart to do the thinking, something not good.
Seducer | He enjoys leading other astray, finding out if his silver-tongue is able to make the ideas, faith and allegiance of his peers change.

★ Biography
Younger son of a Japanese man and an Spanish woman with Moroccan roots, Joel was always a kid with a soft spot for stories and music. In all of their many travels to the countryside to stargaze and hunt for elusive constellations, the young boy was more interested in the stories and history behind the constellations glowing above than he was in actually looking at them from a tube filled with lenses. Soon, his father's stories were not enough, so he found solace and sanctuary in books of mythology, learning all about the constellations he had seen and many other legends that made up the lore of humanity. Knowing his brother favored the stars, and he himself favored legends, Joel convinced their parents to allow them to transfer to Hoshizora High, a place where they could study the subjects they were passionate about. It didn't take much talking to change their minds to exactly what he wanted, achieving his goal to get them in that high school. As for plans of the future... Joel doesn't really believe in it, he plays in the now and enjoys it to the fullest, not caring or having long term plans pass his high school years.

★ Trivia
- Has an older brother - [link]
- Dyes his hair of several colors
- Has a thing for electronic music
- Loves playing pokemon
- Prefers handheld consoles over home-systems
- Has a soft spot for rodents
- Can't deal with very loud sounds

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