The most Manly of Men, Hero Picture

Okay, so he may not look the most manly but he's the most manly man I'VE ever drawn. XD

This is a photograph of a picture I did in my art class a few weeks ago. The idea was to scribble and then make a character out of that scribble, using a stick dipped in ink. This is what came out of my first drawing. I'm really proud of him and have been wanting to show him off for AGES!

I would show others but they are either female or not human enough for the site. XD He's currently starring in my big main piece I'm working on for my final piece and he's become a rather Hercules like character because my teacher commented that he looked like he belonged in the movie "Jason and the Argonauts." Not to mention Da Vinci actually inspired him and his hair style.

However... My Dad says he looks like a canditate for Jack the Ripper. LOL

Heroe and Art (c) Demented Kid (ME!)
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