Cresil Solis Niflheim Picture


✣ Age: 19

✣ Gender: Male

✣ Nation: Aurora

✣ Rank: Seraph

✣ Height: 5'9" ft.

✣ Magic: Fire, Electricity, Space

✣ Weapon: Radiant Shadow (Dual Saber)
The inscription on the swords:
"Without light, there is no darkness. Without darkness, there is no light."

The saber can be split into two different swords: Tisiphone (white blade) and Alecto (black blade). These swords also symbolize Dawn and Dusk.

With his own spatial magic, he can draw the sabers from within his own body. The weapon itself is a part of him and he gets damaged himself when it does. It can naturally repair itself like how people naturally heal from wounds but it makes him unusually tired or put into deep sleep when damaged too badly.

In Greek mythology, Tisiphone "voice of revenge" is the Avenger of Murder while Alecto "unceasing anger" is the Castigator of Moral Crimes.

✣ Soul Crystal: The red soul crystal is embedded on his left shoulder.

✣ Likes:
- Sleeping
- Lazing off
- Sparring when he feels like it
- Giving nicknames to people
- More sleeping

✣ Dislikes:
- Forced responsibility
- Expectations

✣ Abilities: (Open for changing since the moves can be improved over time)
- Devouring Black Hole: It is a black hole created from his spatial magic. It can absorb and engulf objects with a strong gravitational force from which nothing, not even light can escape it once caught. It materializes in different sizes and its maximum area could span around a 10 ft. radius. Although the larger and longer he prolongs it, the more tired and sleepy he gets. The longest he could attain is of a 5-minute timespan and the shortest is mere seconds depending on how large the black hole is. Just like a real black hole, there is an exit and would naturally spit out what it devoured moments later (depending when he wants to and the timespan is still effective). The farthest it can spit out something is around 5 meters which is not really far. This ability is also used by Cresil to teleport in short distances.
- Plethora of Lightning: Just like it's meaning, plethora is either too much of a good thing or too much of a bad thing thus this ability can either serve as an advantage or a liability. Cresil can absorb electricity and use it as his own just like a lightning rod. He has to release the energy sooner or later because prolonging excess electricity inside of him will damage him and cause him to paralyze temporarily. This ability enables him to have a high tolerance against electric attacks. Cresil has not fully mastered it yet so at his current level he takes half the damage of what is given while absorbing electricity.
- Infernal Saber: The most common move Cresil uses. It temporarily cloaks the blades of his sabers with blazing fire that makes his attacks stronger and heated to a nice toasty temperature. Hot enough to give anyone a nasty burn and melt down metal when struck upon. The stronger the flames, the shorter he can prolong this ability. The highest level of flame he can produce can only be in use under one minute. When using minimal flames, he can let it last up to 10 minutes.
- Blazing Tempest: A vortex of fire is created and it can engulf everything in its path, including Cresil himself. This is the strongest offensive attack he has and just like a double-edged sword, it takes a toll on the one who conjured it as well. Not only does it exhaust the magical extremity (MP in game terms) Cresil has but also damage himself in the process since he isn't exactly fire-proof. It can only form when he is at the eye of the storm, thus creating a high risk for him to get damaged by his own attack. As much as possible, he would avoid using this move.

✣ Personality:
Cresil is one of those happy-go-lucky people who like to just laze around the entire day. He smiles even at the face of danger, not taking everything seriously. He is not easy to anger either even if you taunt him with names or try to wear out his patience. He can be quite reckless and doesn't take anything to account until it just suddenly pops up in front of him. He often has to improvise in these compromising situations that either end up successfully getting away with it or get in deeper trouble. Despite him seemingly having such a sluggish nature and laidback actions, he is actually holding up lots of willpower just to stay awake, thus, wanting to avoid any physical tasks as much as possible. This adds to his laziness of taking orders even from the Lord.

Neutral about the war, he doesn't possess any bloodlust towards the other alliances. He may want to avoid conflicts but fighting was probably the only entertaining activity for him so he likes sparring from time to time rather than mindless bloodbath. When it comes to serious duels to the death, he'd want to avoid it as much as possible and would try to talk his way out of getting involved. If ever he fails to do so and crunching time has indeed come, he won't hesitate to defend himself and those around him.

Even though he may seem indifferent about everything, it doesn't stop him from showing sympathy even to enemy alliances.

✣ Biography:
Cresil was born into a family of strategists who bear the Niflheim cognomen. He was the 3rd and youngest son born into the Niflheim branch family. Because he inherited the weapon called Radiant Shadow, the family had high expectations of him and trained him even at such an early age on par with that of the head strategist. The boy had no interest whatsoever and would often sneak away from his lessons. He had many teachers who try to educate the nonchalant child but only one was able to do so successfully and his name was Gareth. Gareth was teaching him the ways of warfare and battle strategies that were mostly based from his experience as a captain of the Dawn Alliance and also lessons he took from the Niflheim head. The two would often spar together, thus resulting in the boy's love for fighting and swordsmanship. One of the few days they would just relax was also the time when he met Laramie, a distant relative who happens to be in a romantic relationship with his teacher. The boy would secretly do favours for his teacher like sending flowers to her when Gareth is away on a mission. He wanted them to have a happy ever after together so he absolutely supported their engagement.

"When you and Mimi get hitched, make me your best man, alright?"

On one particular day he was patiently waiting for his teacher, excited to finally have a good match with him again, he suddenly heard the news of a captain's death. The captain was said to have done a heroic endeavour to allow his wounded men to escape when they were ambushed by a horde of monsters by baiting himself. It was also said there was not even a single remain of him to bury. The boy couldn't fathom that "the strongest man he ever met" disappeared... just like that. He didn't know what to feel... should it be sadness? Despair? Loss? Mourning? All he felt was emptiness. He lost all will to study or to fight since his inspiration and idol just flickered away like a snuffed out candlelight. The boy had returned to his lazy lifestyle without a care in the world. When he heard that Laramie went off to the military and leaving a message that she will kill the monster who took Gareth away along with a blind hope that when killed, he might come back; the boy finally had a goal in life. Without his family's consent, he, too, joined the military shortly after.

In only mere months of serving the military, he became the Seraph apprentice directly under the Lord. When he was able to finally see Laramie again who was said to be the newly reigned Ophan, he promised her that he will help get Gareth back.

"Let's go find Gareth together, alright? I bet he misses us a lot. After all, it's kind of lonely to be in someone's belly for too long."

✣ Other:
- The Niflheim's inherent/ancestral ability is having weapons being part of them in body and soul. The stronger the weapon, the more powerful the wielder is. It is said that the heirs of the family (also branch families) seem to inherit weapons that once belonged to past Niflheim family heads. It also implies that certain weapons can choose its wielder. Even if Cresil wasn't the eldest son to take over, he inherited the weapon of his great grandfather who was one of the most powerful heads of the family.
- The three tattoos found on his body were received after his "Coming of Age" ceremony. It symbolizes the dragon and also initiates he is one of the possible successors of the Niflheim House.
- Even though he doesn't take orders that well, the only person he will listen to is Laramie.
- On first meetings, he would most likely pretend or even introduce himself as a mere soldier.
- He lives in a humble home with his distant relative, Laramie. Their home is found in the peaceful mountains of the Auroran city, Mount Sursum.
- He has a habit of sneaking away from his duties, taking refuge in the neutral boundary just to sleep.

✣ Relations:
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