Happy Hallowen! Picture

Happy belated halloween!
I actually uploaded this only a day or two late on tumblr, but I just forgot to upload it here as well, haha!

It's been a long time since I've tried to push so many people into one piece and it's as hard as I remembered it :I

All characters are from Rise of the Guardians


There is a bunch of symbolism to this drawing, if you don't want to read it, just scroll past this upcoming wall of text!

Some of it is way out of town and so overly symbolic and forced it’s almost too much, but roll with me here

ALRIGHT let’s go through this from the left to right, ps: there will be spoilers from the GOC books.

I’ll try and make the descriptions as short as possible!

The moon
I’m pretty sure that one is obvious

Sophie and Aster:

Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass are two of my favorite books ever. I have the expanded version (and a tiny version with gold rimmed pages) with everything in the book explained along with Lewis Carolls backstory and all that jazz, so putting Bunny and Sophie into those costumes meant a lot to me personally.
It also represents how these two met, as Sophie went through the rabbit hole as Alice did - at least that’s how I see it. Also, I wanted them to be a pair because they remain to have a special bond until the very end and I’m a sucker for that haha!

Aster’s Hat
The G/A stands for Golden Age.

The Lanterns They all represent something from the GOC books
1. A bear (the bear that North fights)
2. (the one behind Asters ear) A yeti
3. Mother Goose
4. Nightlights weapon
5. Pitch’s pendant

Sandy is a mummy to represent how old he is. The staff that he is holding is gold to not only represent his color, but also the golden age. On the staff there is a mermaid to show his upbringing, and a star behind the mermaid to show where he came from.

I wanted Tooth to be a pirate to show just how tough she is and how much of a leader she is, even in a place primarily dominated by males. She was the only female guardian, and I wanted to show that by making her a pirate since female pirate captains had to disguise themselves and be tough as f*ck in a male world.
The ruby ball at the end of her neckpiece represents the ruby box her parents gave her.

I asked for help to find out what Jamie should be, and a few pointed out that he should be something mythological because of his strong believe in the magical, and I jumped right on that! Therefore; Jamie is dressed up as a dragon!

When I first made Jack’s costume, I didn’t think werewolf but just wolf, because I wanted him to have something that connected him to his solitude and the moon. I love when people draw him with wolves as I feel that they really represent him, so to make it more halloween like; he became a werewolf.

At first I thought about dressing him up as a thief or a cossack but that would be too obvious. I chose Frankensteins monster because (the symbolic meaning of this is seriously far out I know but ssh) the monster doesn’t have any actual parents and North was an orphan, and because of their connection to kids despite the scary first impressions they make. The size of North was also what made me choose this costume.

The Spiders:
Represents Pitch when he takes over the Djinn

The Gravestone:
In memory of Mary Katherine, Williams Joyce’s Daughter

Oh look it’s Pitch in an early book design in the background

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