Terry-Pratchet-Tribute Picture

Sir Terry Pratchett was a master at his craft, a real story teller. Around my sophomore year in college I saw this book on the Barns and Noble new books rack called: Thud!, which featured an odd but humorous picture of a man in a helmut about to be clonked by what looked like a log or club. I had never heard of Terry Pratchett till I saw that book, but a friend of mine, when I told me all about him, and recommended I read a bunch of his books before I read that one. So I did; after reading Color of Magic, I was hooked and moved on to Guards! Guards!, then Going Postal and the many, many others and of course, Thud! ( I read a few out of order but it was still fun!)

The books were full of fantastic characters, the world was impossible yet alive, and they wove their own mythology of reoccurring people, creatures, places, events and the cameos by the most unique version of the Grim Reaper I had seen! He even got his own books too! Sir Pratchett's stories were not only well-crafted and character driven, but were full of humor, wit, adventure, satire, and insight that even reading a story that features characters named "Nobby Nobbs" or "Sgt. Fred Colon" somehow, made me feel smarter afterward!

The news of Sir Pratchett's death took me, and no doubt all of you, by shock. I knew he wasn't do so good, what with Alzheimer's, and it's effect on his health at his age, yet he continued to weave tales with the aid of family and friends. He was a storyteller to the very end.

Thank you Sir Terry Pratchett for all the amazing books! For making us laugh, think, cry and cry with laughter; and for helping this humble artist rekindle his love for reading, and fill his imagination with all sorts of incredible impossibilities.

….like a flat world that sits atop four giant elephants that stand upon a massive space-turtle….

Rest in Peace sir….
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