I Am Pan Picture

"Well I'm just a boy
With a broken toy
All lost and Coy
At the curtains of the waterfall.

So it's here I stand
As a broken man
But I've found my friend
At the curtains of the waterfall."

- "Geronimo" by Sheppard: youtu.be/E-SeaCZE2TM


In the town of Stoneport, Angela Boggs is a 12 year old girl who likes the artistic aspects of life. She loves creating artwork, most notably by taking artistic photographs with her polaroid camera. However, her passion has its price for her. As a introverted young lady, Angela has dedicated all of her free time to her love for photography and has struggled to make new friends in the process. One day, when she and her family go driving on a daytrip by the local forest, her entire life suddenly changes when they accidently run over what they assume to be a deer at first, but are in shock and disbelief to discover it to be some sort of half deer, half boy hybrid!

Angela's family rush the unconscious boy to the hospital, who has injured his right hind leg in the process. The discovery of the deerboy catches the media by storm, leaving all of the town's residents curious about this biological anomaly, some believing it to only be a hoax. When the boy wakes up, he absolutely startled by his surroundings and creates a ruckus in the hospital. But Angela manages to calm him down, telling him he's going to be okay and apologizing for the accident. Angela is stunned when the deerboy responds to her, speaking in fluent English. Angela then asks her if he has a name. He tells her his name is Pan.

Pan is a 13 year old deerchild. He had lived the forest all his life up until his collision with the Boggs family. Pan's mother was one of the last surviving enchantresses in the world. She was, what was called, an "Earth Enchantress" and used her powers to help nature grow and survive. One of her special powers was the ability to summon the fireflies to light her way in the night. But as the world drastically shifted and changed, with the belief in magic fading with it, Pan's mother went into hiding, sustaining Stoneport's forest with little magic she had left. As an enchantress, she could sustain her youth to continue living throughout the ages. But her age soon caught up to her as she was on the verge of death. As one of her last spells, Pan's mother used the last of her magic to create the deerboy she named Pan. Pan's mother taught Pan all that she knew about the forest during the early parts of his childhood. She died when Pan was only a small buck. Now Pan was left unguarded and all alone. He was the last of the great mythological creatures that once roamed this great Earth.

Heartbroken by Pan's tragic story, Angela encourages her parents to adopt Pan as part of their family. Angela's parents are skeptical at first, but unanimously decide to take Pan in as their adopted son. As time rolls by, Angela teaches Pan what it's like to live a human life, even attending school with her and dressing up (Hence the striped polo shirt), as Pan teaches Angela about the beauty and wonders of the natural world.


- In one instance (Lower-Left), Angela encourages Pan to take his first photo with her on her polaroid camera. Pan is unadjusted to camera flashes. But Angela finds it amusing and pins it on her bulletin board.

- As a supernatural being, Pan's injury heals incredibly fast. He also retains tremendous speed and can outrun even the fastest racehorse. In some cases (Center), Angela rides on Pan's back as they explore Stoneport's National Forest for Angela to take photographs of the forest's environment.

- Pan also has the ability to play soothing music on a flute Angela buys for him. With it, he has also inherited his mother's ability to summon fireflies at his leisure.

- In another instance (Lower Right), the pressures of Angela's school and constant attention and teasing from the townspeople get to Pan and he rushes back to the forest, wanting revert back to living in the wild. Angela chases after him, losing her glasses in the process. She soon catches up to him, begging for him to come back. Pan tells her he knows he can never life a normal "human" life and that she can't live a normal life as long as he's around. But Angela tells him she doesn't care about what other people say and that he shouldn't be bothered by it either. She tells him she and her family really do love him and that life wouldn't be the same without him anymore. Pan then apologizes for his actions and thanks Angela for accepting him for who he is. In the end, Pan receives the greatest gift of all: Not just a family, but a family that loves him.

"I Am Pan" © Me
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