Raveno Terbysios Picture

Raveno, the black mage philosopher, husband of Nandoniella D. Terbysios. :->

"The emperors wanted to build a city that should outlive all ages, and they mixed human blood into the grout with they used to bring up the walls of their palaces." The old man smiled, lost in thought. "This should confirm the walls, endue them with magic power. Even if it did not work, it was a poetic practic, wasn't it? Oh yes, we live in such a mundane age."


I hope my translation was bearable! :sweatdrop:

This is a minor, but though beloved character of my current story. He is a black mage, a conjurer and a philosopher who knows a lot of details about mythology. He always likes to discuss things and have a chat with everybody. He's a friendly and helpful old man, but ...
An ambivalent character.

Raveno is one of my oldest inventions for DSA. When I drew this, he wasn't an official char yet, but now he is. But he's dead already, I think, alas.
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