General Iron Fist Picture

christ finally done.

this is my 2d entry for the Comicon Comptition 09 at gameartisans, and yes i have lost my mind to paint this while doing another 3d entry.

didnt sleep last night at all, called in for work out of blue, been living on red bull all day, so ill talk fast.

As u know, I dont really like the current Iron Fist concept and already did a redesign a while back ([link]).
But this one is something different too. I completely revamped the batman-ish dragon tatoo, not just a dragon shaped scar the last design had, but a proper big bad traditional chinese dragon tatoo.

(well the winged-dragon concept still works in chinese mythology, but i just dont like dragons with wings...)

Then i designed him as a General, thougt it would be pretty cool to see him marching in the front and punch enemy army like dead meat.

Then theres the aged paper background and watercolour rocks.

Hope u like it
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