The Eternal Wail Picture

I know what you're thinking, I'm already way behind on catching up with my messages, but believe me, I am working on getting through them all and I just couldn't let St. Patrick's Day pass without doing something
I actually started out doing a piece based on one of my favorite movies set in Ireland, The Quiet Man, but somewhere along the way, decided it would be more fun to try my hand at a rendition of the banshee.

Now, there are a lot of misconceptions about the banshee. First, it is not The Banshee, it is a type of creature and there is more than one. Second, she is not a malevolent creature going about bringing death with her cries, merely foretelling of it. There seems to be some dissent as to her actual appearance. Most accounts give her as being seen as a young, middle aged, and old woman (gee, there's that magic 3 number that seems to show up in mythology a lot...) or as an old washer woman washing the clothes of the soon to be dead. Some say she is dressed in green, some say a grey hooded cloak, some the winding sheets of the dead, but all agree on the red eyes from her eternal crying. Also interesting to note, she does not wail for just anyone, only for descendants of certain old familles.

Medium: Drawing done with dark brown watercolor pencil on watercolor paper, light water wash, then painted digitally in Photoshop.
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