We The People 7 Picture

My name is Thena, goddess of Temptation, first of the new gods, daughter of Thor and Athena.
I was born on a plane different of that of Earth, where time is not fluid and so what we percieved as a day would be a year on Earth and at other points what was a day on Earth was a year there.
Over a thousand years ago, the forces of Evil had gathered together and attacked each godly Pantheon one by one. The Egyptians gods were the first to fall, they were taken to the other plane and the forces of Evil picked them off at their pleasure and leisure. A pact was made between the Greek and Norse gods that would soon grow to include all of what humankind calls mythology, to pursue this evil on that other plane. The war cost them all but four of their number, Thor, Appollo, Ares and Ife were the only ones that would survive to see the Earth again. Yet during that time their was new life, such as myself and a new Pantheon created, to rule mankind as we had in the past, but mankind no longer believed and would no longer serve.
I look above and I see my Uncle Apollo coming from the world of man, his heart heavy and full of anger and rage, yet within him I sense hope. It is later when he tells us of the wonder of this new age of man, and how man has somehow taken a step to divinity.
My father/King Thor smiles, as Apollo tells him of the woman who weilded a stange power not that unlike of a god and how a race of even newer gods could be produced from cows such as these. No longer am I sought out by the others as the other new gods wonder what wenches they may take, my cousin Aresoth spitefully tells me that my womb is no longer treasured and soon all of the gods shall take these human wives, even my father/King Thor who has been the loniliest of all since my mother died on the battlefield giving birth to me.
I know the New Pantheon will conquer the Earth but if I wish to keep my revered station I shall make plans to conquer the New Pantheon.

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