The twins Picture

They were called the twins, though they looked nothing alike, were from completely different cultures and had no family ties at all. Which is good considering what they do to each other.
Billy is the small Asian one, over there, the one in the tight black leotard with bone shapes cut out of it to reveal pale skin underneath, swinging on the trapeze. She paints her face into a skull with black greasepaint and sharpens her teeth to a point. She has been attacked before, on account of her size and her sex and she won’t risk another man getting away without a few puncture marks on his dick. It’s funny to see little piranha teeth underneath those rosy lips, but Billy likes it. She can’t read in English yet but enjoys trying, likes cooking and was bitten when she was 8.
Allegra is the tall, square shouldered, blacker than black black woman with the fur hood, throwing knives over Billy as she swings. She is also painted, though white on black, accentuating the strong cheekbones and wears white contacts to accentuate her eyes in the darkness. They hurt a little but Billy thinks they’re cool so they stay. Only during shows though. She likes to keep fit, finds the exercise addicting, and enjoys reading aloud to Billy. She’s also incredibly interested in Cynd mythology, having been a part of it since birth. She was bitten at the traditional age of 15 and is a year younger than Billy.
They both work in that theatre group, the one with all the biters. Billy was there first, starting at 13 when she ran away from home and Allegra arrived at the age of 17 after asking her parents’ permission. They immediately bonded despite their different backgrounds and eventually after a few years of performing together, became lovers. While homosexuality still has its taboo in Cynd culture, the microcosm of the group, moving from place to place, having no settlement, allows their relationship to work and flourish. No one really minds, as long as they keep their hands off each other during the show and keep it down at night.
They both find this extremely difficult.
They usually keep to themselves, preferring to either spend their time in their caravan or practicing their skeleton routines, although Allegra often sneaks off to visit the dressmaker, a goldmine of Cynd mythology, though she sometimes wonders if she knows more about it than she’s letting on.

Part of Una's story and a bit of an art trade with a friend, who asked for some lady loving.
All mine

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