Setanta Reference Picture

Personal reference for my baby Setanta <3

Everyone is entitled to one 'asian-garbed-character-for-no-reason,' in the same way everyone is entitled to one vampire and one werewolf.

My Setanta pulls from an Irish mythological tale featuring a demigod of the same name. In the story of Setanta (or Cu` Chulainn), there is a boy born of Lugh, and he features seven fingers on each hand, seven toes on each foot, and seven pupils in each eye. Setanta was a master of combat, even from a young age.

When this mythological being gets really into the heat of battle, he enters a state known as the 'frenzied dance.' A horn of blood erupts from his head, he breathes fire, and his power increases (truly the first super saiyan yo).

My Setanta works slightly differently. He looks like a normal human (save for the one demon-esque eye), and only when he enters his 'frenzied dance' does his body change.

-Setanta is a very quiet, stoic person. He works logically, having abandoned matters of the heart.
-This is his current appearance. Before corrupting himself (resulting in that weird-o eye of his), he used to be a blondie.
-He a tall boi
-After transitioning from his previous, 'normal' life, Setanta began fastening his kimono in the opposite direction. The man he was before doesn't exist, and is essentially dead (so far as he's concerned).

Put my language up there for you nerds who figured it out LOL.

Most of the letters DO spell out things- but there are a couple of areas on his person that are gibberish.

He's created pretty much specifically for rp in
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