Greek Mythology Teacher Picture

Name: Lela Garrison
Age: 23
Subject: Greek Mythology
Species: Demigod
God Parent: Athena
Deadly Flaw: 'Always Right"- She thinks she is right about anything and will always try to prove that she is. Sometimes she is so determined to prove that she is right she'll ignore any dangers that lie ahead.
Honor Code: She can make any student speak the truth, which she is more likely to do if she thinks they are cheating on an assignment. They will speak the truth and only the truth for about an hour. Only works on two students at a time, the minute she tries to do a third the effects on the other two students wear off.
Strategy weakness seeker: She has the ability to see a flaw in any form of strategy. Such as in sports strategy and invasion. Upon seeing the flaws she can quickly come up with solutions to the problem.
Super Punch: A punch from her sends her opponent halfway across the school campus.
Feline Shapeshifting: She can shift into any feline in existence. Works for 3 hours
Personality: She is very serious in nature, she doesn't take jokes very well. Very calm and peaceful most of the time. When she does get angry she struggles to maintain her cool.
Bio: When she was a girl she lived in an average middle class family. Until the age of 10 she had no idea of being anything other then normal. Upon turning thirteen she started hearing a distant voice calling out to her, at first she thought she was going schizophrenic and immediatly notified her parents. They quickly told her it was okay and it was perfectly normal for someone in her situation. Of course upon hearing the part about her situation she immidiatly demanded that they explain exactly what they meant by that. They simply told her to relax and time would reveal its secrets. Baffeled, she kept trying to get more out of them, but had to give up when they wouldn't budge. Later on when she turned 13 she started catching an image of a tall warrior like women out of the corner of her eye, curious as to why this women seemed so familiar she started doing some research. A strange flash of insight hit her one day and she started looking up greek goddesses, and found it strange when her mind hooked constantly on Athena. Athena wasn't the only thing to attract her interest, she found herself quickly becoming infatuated with greek mythology and researching more and more into it. Course she had to stop when she realized she would have to wait until she was at a higher level of education in order to take a class. On the night of her 15th birthday she found herself dreaming of a goddess who was telling her to go an achieve her dreams and she will always have her support. As the goddess started to fade out she quickly asked her for her name. The goddess told her, her name was Athena and she was her true mother. The next morning she went to her parents and asked them what was really going on. After describing her experiences her parents admited to her that indeed her mother was Athena. Skiping foward a few years, she ran into a man named Gaver, who like her was interested in teaching a mythology class. However unlike her he was interested in Norse mythology instead of greek. By this time she had accepted the fact that she was the daughter of Athena and was perfectly content with that. Upon meeting him the first time she could immediatly sense something about him was similar to her. After being around him for a few weeks she eventually addressed the part of him that seemed to be different. Cracking a smile he told her he was the same as her, a demigod. Shocked but prideful she addressed him further upon this and found out he was the son of Odin. Strangly enough 2 weeks later he seemed to have just vanished into thin air. Not letting this deter her she soon found a job available at Golden Lion Academy and quickly applied.

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