Mythology Picture

In the beginning before the world had not even formed, there was only an ancient giant exist. Everyday it grow bigger and bigger so the ancient world were expanded by the size of giant. The sky became higher and higher and the ground became thicker and thicker. Countless years passed after the death the giant, his body transform into the first ancient world. Its torso turned into the soil, its hair turned into plants, its bone turned into minerals, its scales turn into the first reptile, his last breath became the winds. Furthermore, its left eye which always curious and thirst to see new things transform into Heales god of Wisdom, its right eye which always curse the emptiness of the ancient world transform into Kalithea goddess of Sorcery, its left arm which gentle and tender transform into Mafa goddess of Creation, its right arm which cruel and ferocious transform into Taron god of Distraction, its left leg which believe everything must to maintain control and keep in order transform into Falicis god of Law, its right leg which unrestrained and love freedom transform into Revatha goddess of Chaos. The six of them are the major gods of the age of mythology. They succeed the power from the ancient giant and together they rule the beginning.

Since gods were too powerful consequently they destroy each other. After the era of gods, Dragons takeover the world. Then the sorcery tribe who are the descendant of gods use their power succeed from gods to control the dragons and become the new rulers of the world, this is the era of the ancient sorcery kingdom. It is the golden age of knowledge and craftsmanship. Yet again, these intelligent people made the same mistake as their ancestors. The kingdom been destroyed by serious of energy experiments. The government of sorcery kingdom lost its power to maintain the order. As result, the barbarians who been slaved by the sorcerers seize the chance star a rebellion and take the place of their masters. The age of man begin.

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