Isle of Man Picture

Axis Powers Hetalia - Isle of Man (Mannin) OC
Because let's face it, he's probably going to be forgotten or horribly misinterpreted, and really I shouldn't care because it's Hetalia but somehow I do.
I designed him, and my friend ~Bursting-Girl worked out his personality with me.

Name: Illiam Kerruish
Age: 21

He's one of the British Isles brothers, but is often forgotten because of his size or general lack of power and importance. He isn't a part of the UK although they support him somewhat, but they kick him around so much it hardly feels like it. He's had a history of being passed between Scottish and English rule (though he's independent now). Although he's Celtic and has his own language, Manx Gaelic, it is rarely used due to being harshly discouraged as early as the 1600s by English lords and bishops. Like many, he has been bullied by England, and still is.
He's very simple-hearted and slow moving, a little behind the times when I comes to law and reform but he's fairly good with money.

Despite the TT Races he's only warmed to bikes quite recently, he's isn't good with noise and ruckus.
He does not like speed, not one bit.
He's slow-moving and drawn-out in speech, his favourite phrase is 'Traa dy liooar.' - meaning, 'time enough.' The national attitude is of a relaxed pace.

He loves mythology, fishing (kippers are a favourite), farming, smuggling, Archibald Knox and T.E. Brown.
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