Slavic mythology: Vukodlak Picture

Oi! Long time since I ever drew something! x/////3/////x

This time I'm introducing you with Вукодлак (Vukodlak, Volkodlak or ''Werewolf'') . Everybody knows that werewolf is actually human that shifts into half-wolf creature every night.

But in Slavic mythology, being werewolf is far different than Hollywood thing like ''getting bite or scratch''. One way for man to become werewolf is to skin killed wolf and to cover himself without tanning it (killing wolf in Slavic belief was the biggest sin, like ''rising hand against ancestor'' and being werewolf is considered as embodiment of Dazbog's punishment). Another belief is that when pregnant woman dies and when wolf passes over her body (Slavs used to burn bodies in funerals), her dead child can turn into werewolf and grows into adult over time, eventually popping out of her womb for hunt.
It is believed that werewolf could cause eclipse by devouring Sun or Moon and spitting it out after certain amount of time.

And unlike pop-culture werewolves, these werewolves do not transform others into one, nor they age, nor they make tribes/packs nor make wars with vampires. Some people believed that werewolves are siblings with vampires, coz they both are immortals, stuck between Yav (world of humans and mythical creatures) and Nav (world of dead) and they both share same food - human blood and flesh. As I said above, they don't do tribal stuff (tattoos, jewelry, decorative feathers and religious rituals like Native Americans). They hunt alone and are craving for flesh once they transform. In general, they are acting like every canine with rabies. Werewolf can temporarily turn back into human by touching anything made of silver or gold and he can be killed by beheading with weapons made of same material.

Werewolves in human form could be recognized by unibrows, hairy hand palms and same lenghth of index and middle fingers. And to say - wolf in Slavic folklore was as much feared as it was worshipped.

Belief in werewolf comes from all Slavic nations, but they became very popular in Europe for few centuries next to vampires.

I'm sorry for making this pic so bloody dark, coz I wanted to make him like ''he is lurking from dark'' x///3///x
Also very first time to draw with Pen tool on Photoshop! YAY!!

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