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Yup, this is a new Hetalia character of mine, meet Alister Kaighan. He represents the Isle of Man and is one of the Six Celtic nations (the others being Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Brittany) with a unique Norse-Gaelic culture.

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Brief Intro:
The Isle of Man is a tiny speck of land in the Irish Sea (basically in between Ireland and Great Britain) which is proud of its autonomy from the United Kingdom. The Isle of Man is an internally self-governing dependency of the British Crown. He is not, and has never been, part of the United Kingdom.

He was raised by Scotland, Ireland, Norway and eventually England throughout his lifetime. Norway took him in during the Viking Age (fell under full control in 1079) and decided to raise him as his own ‘little brother’ figure. Norway eventually handed Mann back to Scotland in 1266 (by the Treaty of Perth). After that, he lived with Scotland most of the time until England took Mann from Scotland. From then on he quite really bounced back and forth between their houses until he was eventually brought under the British Crown in 1765 without making him live in England’s house, thus became independent, and he returned to his home to live in again (in what seemed like AGEs since he had been back).

He’s one of the British Isles bros (brother of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland), but he’s forgotten more often than not (maybe even more so than Wales) because of his size and well, lack of real importance/power. He’s not a part of the UK at all, although he is a Crown Dependency (Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state), he’s been under the British Crown since 1765 and has since then lived in his own house again. England handles most of his foreign affairs, military defense and all that; he relies on England a lot more than he’d like to admit. He has one of the oldest Parliaments in the world as well named Tydwald (est. 979).

He’s Celtic in his own right and speaks a language called Manx Gaelic, although he’s slowly forgetting the language because of it being discouraged in the past and the general lack of native Manx people (more than half of the population is born in the UK and Ireland, there are less native Manx people).

He’s a light-hearted, quirky, strange, down-to-earth, friendly, simple kind of guy. He likes to take things slowly and is very patient with others, tending to do things at his own relaxed and care-free pace. He’s rather lax and loves to laze around but that’s not to say he’s sleazy. He loves fast cars, motorcycles/bikes and anything that has a lot of speed! He’s an adventurous and energetic kind of guy when he gets in the mood with a very stubborn personality. The TT motorcycling races held in the Isle of Man each year tends to energize his eccentric and lively spirit. Some of his interests include mythology, fishing, farming, TT races, reading history/mythology/mysteries, taking long strolls, three legged things, and Manx cats.

He looks up to Scotland the most out of his siblings, and regards himself to be very close to his eldest brother because of their close cultures. He very much still admires and adheres Norway, his former caretaker, and he has a close relationship with him and the other Nordics (Denmark and Sweden specifically) because the Norsemen had a big role in raising him when he was younger. He doesn’t mind England all that much though, they have so-so relations.

He’s immensely proud of his Celtic heritage, but also his strong Norse influence. He also has his very own language, Manx, that’s he intensely proud of (that no one else seems to understand, it’s also derived from the Goidelic languages, although very different for obvious reasons with Norse influences). Overall, he’s a very cheery, friendly, down-to-earth fellow who’s very proud of his culture and clings to his traditions. He’s very superstitious and has a few magical friends who tend to pester him. He’s been tossed around a lot in his history, from being a little island occupied by the Britons, from Irish immigrants that migrated to the isle (and Christianized it), to being owned by Norway, becoming a part of Scotland for a while, and finally being owned by England and tossed back and forth between them.

Design notes:
I wanted to include Norse-Celtic traits in his design. His eyes are a turquoise/blue-greenish colour from the mixed Norse-Gaelic culture, and his hair is a redish-auburn colour. His skin is pale and flecked with dozens of freckles. Normally when I think of Celts, braids are something that come to mind quickly, so I wanted to incorporate one in his design to show more of his Celtic/Gaelic side. He also shares some physical traits from Norway and Scotland, the two that have had the most influence over him. The curl/ahoge shows his relation to Scotland and represents the Calf Of Man.

He’s wearing a fisherman’s sweater, it’s basically like your typical Aran Sweater, and is sort of a ‘traditional’/common Manx clothing. He’s very proud of his Norse-Gaelic heritage and tends to believe that he’s independent, although he depends very much so on the UK (he is a Crown Dependency after all).

I wrote some basic information on him and the country here on my Tumblr as well: [link]
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Isle of Man (Alister Liev Kaighin) © *Allison-san
Art © *Allison-san

Please do not steal or rip off any of my character’s design, he belongs to me and me only. And please, if you're going to draw him, credit and link him to me. Do not, and I repeat, do not use my Hetalia OCs in any stories, pictures, videos, RPs, ect; without my permission. Same goes with their overall design. DON’T STEAL. Thank you for understanding.

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